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First order order from Boorda backyard. First things I look at that the sun is making its way out this morning. It is a beautiful morning. We are back here. Live on Miami Beach Getting Ready to talk in this right now. Only chance and it's cowboy wonderful one. We are fantastic. Let me backtrack keep trying to tell you guys is running back day you bring in a hall of Famer. It was every day New York when you're a great run back. Let's quickly start with what you brought right here. Beautiful Gift for all morning going up Dora some early gifts this morning. Editor teamed up then. We're headed to her for the last ten ears and so brought Chelsom in Yale. It's very good nice with a moderate. A nice with a whole lot of different things you can make natural as it is headed or is celebrating a hundred and fifty years and they've done a great job in terms of distilling. This ball right here. Many of the bottle so off excited thank you. I want to ask you you about the game. In this regard you obviously played in three super bowls won three superbowls. They're was your first super bowls you were to my i the best.

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