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I was walking on coming up from the airport. Very late screen shot. Tweeted sounding about about Dave Rubin. Who is in? Twitter loop with info wars as Paul Joseph Watson is that his name. That's why. And then I David Horowitz. Who is a love trying who is used to be a Stalinist. And now is the Stalinist and the different strive and. And they were all talking. I made a joke about it. And then somebody tweeted at me, and I read this KOMO go for because. You sense? Thanks, dude. I was going out. I got bags on the airport, and I was going to have dinner, and then I- Camille sends me fucking text with people insulting me. Thanks. Hey, did you see this? And you read the comments here the. Here's this guy's listened to the podcast. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know. Why you listen to because? Well, he tells you why he listens in the in the tweet. Oh, I didn't read us. Wait. Let me. He's he's a redesign thing. No. I don't read his his his name. People find it. You just go find it. To say. Yeah. A little harder free to our L. The king. Mikey starts diminutive. That's. I wanna say are L the king right off the bat. You got me on my heels. Away peer mcnealy against Mike Tyson getting my ass kicked right now, Mikey. You're all talk. You will have much substance. What does this do a fucking builder? That's what I'm not charity. It's embarrassing to listen to Camille school. You intellectually in every podcast. You guys do together. I mean, this might be true. But have we ever had like a? Educate you. Yeah. Yeah. I guess that bit. The calipers the bumps on this skull. Okay. There's a little more is that of being petty bitch. I am. I intend to make fun of people's triology. Actually. I'm just making fun of your shitty tweet. Why not why don't instead debate them? Honestly. Yeah. Is that if you know yet for me? I can be cloudy. Time, but I should be able to do. Pero to debate. I think that the bottom line is that there was a tweet with Paul Joseph Watson and these other characters, and you sarcastically suggested these people call themselves classical liberals because. There's something other than that. Yeah. And yeah, I'd say there's something other than that. I don't mind disparaging people and also also the constructing their ideas and foul flagrantly bad positions. The reason this came up is because of the recent bannings by Facebook Facebook has thrown a number of people off of their platform noted right far, right wing, conservative, Louis, Farrakhan, nation of Islam. Yeah. Paul Watson was one of them. I guess Alex Jones was rethree off Facebook. But also, Instagram and various other platform. He's Ridder's Ridder's though though. was on Twitter. Yeah. A couple of father, Lord, Lord, Lord. Luma laura. Luma hero and Lawrence Southern's. Also are these fucking losers? They are honestly, I mean like, no. But it's not even like, I don't want a description for their eilly. Who are the why does anyone care very invasion down? I mean, they've got March follow it gives. That's when I don't understand. I'm not saying that they shouldn't or it shouldn't because from what I can tell they're all halfwits, but I don't understand the appeal. Like, I get the appeal like I understand the appeal of like an Ann Coulter. In the reason, I understand if van van cooler is because the thing about, and I say this about people on the goofy people on the left to and goofy people in the right is it. She's funny is actually true. Like, don't Trump is funny thing that took me a long time to realize I went to like, I'm probably five or six Trump rallies like as a journalist, and like found myself in like, the like, you know, the press area chuckling at certain times, that's pretty good. Pretty good. And he's doing there, and I get it put like these Ernest people that like break-up plays in New York City with Trump signs. I showed her standing who what's the constituency, right? I don't I don't know..

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