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Goes five and you go to the bullpen or six and you go to the bullpen or what's the difference of reliever pitches in the sixth and seventh or the first data away for russet Balwant? Now in theory. You want your best pitchers to face the best hitters which normally at the top of the line. So if you've got to relieve or better than your starter. Why would you have an open what down at Intuit? Oh, the count on Susie here with one out. So I'm a fan of it. I think it's going to work and you take a team like Oakland who's tried to win a World Series with Mike fires and Edwin Jackson and Brett Anderson and Meghan as an example, they'd had so many injuries. Their starters is Sousa. This would foul a play off to the right and the as have used it with Hendrix as the opener fourteen different starting pitchers because of all the injuries. And it's been amazing that they're where they are Shamanee. The bad news this week. Having shoulder surgery. Probably gonna miss not just the sheer. But all of next year. He would have been the starter in the wildcard game to pitch down in three and one. But the one thing about this Oakland team they can really score runs. They have a lot of really good defensive players like Chapman Olsen Laureano. Scotty this team with a tremendous bullpen, and they're trying to win with her straights. Three one pitch fouled straight back in the opener. So if they were to get to wildcard game, let's say to play the Yankees, they it doesn't matter who starts a Cape. Mike fires might go to three innings. It had Bob. Melvin is going to turn it over to Sean Kelly. Ryan Booker, you Sparrow, petites Lou Trevino Fernando rati. Jerry's familiar Blake training. There's a soft liner to third over toward the line. And caught in a backhand by Erdo to look at the Oakland A's are going to. Win the wild card game. It's going to be because of the bullpen and their power. And that if they're going to be able to get through the next series it's going to be because of their bullpen and their power. They're going to be trying to do it in a way that we have never seen before in baseball. We've not seen the team do.

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