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Vegas virtually closed. The Irish airline Ryanair is cutting around three thousand jobs and looking at pulling out of a number of airports in Europe. I'm Jacky Quin. Thank you for listening to the. Ap Radio Network. Hey did you know that Associated Press produces news related books? Here's what's new and upcoming. I PAT presidential dogs. Cats and other critters deadly force fatal confrontations with police the Hubble telescope a universe of new discovery and many more visit AP dot org slash books to purchase or visit Amazon Barnes and noble dot com or ibooks Corona virus update. I'm Jacky Quin with. Abc News Minute States continue lift corona virus restrictions in Texas bars and even daycare centers can reopen and the Governor says come Friday. A long list of businesses can now reopen or expand capacity restaurants. California's Governor's allowing fifty three counties to start easing restrictions. The same for Michigan's upper peninsula. Still health officials. Say They worry that people will forget all about social distancing over the Memorial Day holiday in Orlando objects were thrown at police raking up a block? Party with three thousand people. President trump says great progress has been reported on an Experimental Virus Vaccine Cure and therapeutic drugs therapeutically and cures more important than maxine. Because it's a median. Stocks rallied on the news. I'm Jacky Quin a major. Us Airlines says it's getting ready to resume more of its domestic and international routes Delta Airlines. Says it plans to restart service to several of its destinations. In June adding more flights in Atlanta and New York and Delta says if the Chinese government permits it plans to add service to China. Meanwhile thin air a major carrier between the European Union and China says it's adding flights and routes beginning in July but budget carrier allegiant. Air Says it's April. Traffic fell ninety seven percent. We've destinations like Las Vegas virtually closed. The Irish airline. Ryanair is cutting around three thousand jobs and looking at pulling out of a number of airports in Europe. I'm Jacky Quin. The stock market bounced back Monday with optimism about an economic recovery and potential vaccine for the corona virus. Investors were lifted by news that at Cambridge Massachusetts Company MODERNA INC was able to produce an immune response in a small group of healthy volunteers. Who agreed to test an experimental Kovic Nineteen back? Seen President trump touted progress being made in finding a cure for the new corona virus and drugs to treat sick patients tremendously good positive information on therapeutics on cures and vaccines from some of the most respected companies in the world companies are also their doors. Another good sign four stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained more than nine hundred points up nearly four percent the S. and P. Five hundred was up ninety points while the Nasdaq rose. Two point four percent. I'm Jacky Quin. Ignore the president of the United States. That is the message of Fox. News hosts is passing onto his viewers. Don't do as he says or as he does Fox. News Channel Anchor Neil. Cavuto was telling his audience not to follow president. Trump's example in taking a malaria drug to protect against the corona virus during his show computer said it was stunning. That trump acknowledged that he had been taking the drug. I dropped Sikora Quinn for the past week and a half toward of covert nineteen disease that is caused by the new corona virus. Both the president some Fox News host have touted the drug as a potential treatment but the federal government has worn but the drugs could have serious side effects including death. Kavita says he's not trying to make a political point but a life and death point adding the viewers in his words should be very very careful about following trump's sample. I'm Oscar Wells Gabriel. Thank you for listening to the. Ap Radio Network. Did you know that you can purchase prints of AP's photography for your personal or small business use every day? A piece photographers capture. Incredible images from all around the world there on the scene of wars and Conflict Concerts Movie Premieres Championship Games and parades you can browse AP images dot com to find iconic photos to display in your Home Office restaurant or to give to friends and colleagues for more information visit eight minutes dot COM AP news. I'm Jacky Quin health experts. Say They'll monitor the corona virus infection rates around the country as most states begin opening. Backup for business. Even California's governor's announcing restrictions can be lifted Gavin. Newsom says he's modifying the criteria that will allow counties to begin allowing dining in restaurants and some other services. Roughly fifty three of the fifty eight counties would be eligible counties must have no more than twenty five cases per one hundred thousand residents or no higher than eight percent positive rate. Newsom suggests that professional sports might begin in June without spectators and the reopening of churches could begin within weeks. I'm Jennifer King. The Governor of Texas is allowing daycare centers to open in Michigan. Auto workers returned to factories. There are encouraging results on a vaccine being tested our Shelley Adler reports the vaccine generated antibody similar to those seen in people who have recovered from Cova nineteen in study. Volunteers were given either a low or medium dose. The company says the vaccine seems safe so far. Adding a high dose version is being dropped after spurring some short term side effects. President trump says he's been taking hydroxy chloroquine. The Anti Malaria drug that was dropped in several tests because it caused serious side effects and even death in some corona virus patients. I've taken it for about a week and a half now and I'm still here. Disneyworld will allow some restaurants and shops to open later this week but it's posting warning on its website. Despite enhanced safety measures they're still an inherent risk of exposure to covert nineteen. The first name tropical storm of the season Arthur's moved out to sea. After Dumping Heavy Rain North Carolina. It's expected to continue whipping up. Dangerous Surf conditions along the East Coast. Stocks rallied today. The Dow was up nearly four percent. This is ABC News..

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