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Good habits company and were your back. We're talking about living in the mountains and forming a militia a militia in which we would all be colonels. Everyone is a colonel in in my militia. So can I give a quick anecdote absolutely? I'd never said the word colonel out loud until I started auditioning for projects and I was reading something and I had to say the word colonel but I just read it and said call and all and that's my anecdote. I immediately knew my mistake. You can cut this out. It's no no no no no. No we're all saying Kurt. Saxon has shared his emotional vulnerabilities with us. We should share ours with the listeners. Exacts guys think service evening me. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for opening up. Thank you for sharing card. I mean S- took a wrench for channel locks wants several years ago and I felt very silly and all of the the the the people who knew what they were doing with tools around me made a lot of fun of me so everybody makes dumb mistakes so sorry that you experience that Robert. I'm so sorry I feel your pain. Yeah they were all woodsmen and I wanted to be cool around them. But then I didn't know what channel locks work because I was a fool and I'm so sorry what it's time impera. I only have a vague idea to be honest. Cody you WANNA share a shameful invulnerable moment or should we read about what Kurt Saxon has to say on modern profits? I've never been embarrassed once in my entire life. That makes sense that actually makes complete sense. Modern profits promoted by trashy tabloids claim to know the future aside from predicting natural disasters. They are very heavy on sweetness and light. Everything is going to turn out all right. God tells them so to many people. Believe frauds like Jeane Dixon. They don't prepare for rough times ahead because gene says to great things are in store for humanity. The fact that these things seldom come off as prophesized is forgotten. This new prophecies come out the authors the only one to collect and record four years of prophecies in the most popular of the most popular modern prophets with their miserable scores. It is amazing that any of them stay in the limelight. If you're hooked on the modern prophets and there's someone who is you owe it to yourself to read this bow. I think he's actually like busting like talking. About what liars Psychics are yeah. He really hates this Genie Dixon woman. And Yeah Okay Go. I don't know I went to one. Psychic told me in a past life. I've saved a lot of Jewish people during the Holocaust and I tend to believe that that's true. That is a nice thing to believe I feel like as a nice thing to be told. Can I share one other psychic story? That might convince you. This is the time you think you good friend. Nellie who loves whole WII goes every year okay in her adult life. She is seen six different psychics. Who Have All said that? She used to be the ruler of a South Pacific island. That's cool with that. That is a creepy coincidence. Either that or a lot of different psychics in Hawaii tell tourists to come in that they use to rule a South Pacific island for psychics were in Hawaii. She lives in also. GonNa throw it out there that most people like Hawaii. I'M GONNA say well but most people don't go every year of church or shirt. I do WANNA while we're talking about California I feel like I should note that The the address for Kurt Saxon business is in Eureka. California which I used to live next to and nothing has ever made more sense to me now. That does make a lie. God wait have we done the fun thing where we just search words yet? Can we do that with the digital Jeane Dixon as but no? I don't think we can search words. Since that's a scan will include the link. You can read this all online it's in a PDF Oh God Touring in the auto the Land Cruiser. It's a guide to building your own. Rv And it is much longer than the guy building a House vote. Which does it. Oh no there's a little guide to making a barrel boat too. That's good. That's good page. Thirty two. Go to page thirty two. But the poor man's James Bond is on the next page. Okay do that. I do that for her. Look take a look at the illustration for the cover of the poor man's James Bond and cody. I'm GONNA need you to describe that for me. Is What makes import the fact that he's got eyeglasses on. I don't know so the picture of the cover of the poor man's James Bond features like dude who looks like a nerdy engineer with big coke bottle glasses and like almost a Like like a like a very seventies comb part and he's sitting with shotgun that is easily two feet taller than him and appears to have some like a home built for grip on it. And then there's a beautiful young woman sitting in his lap with a beer and he has an entire handle of whiskey and is surrounded by piles of shotgun shells and explosives. Scans real well. I'm GonNa read. I'm going to read the text. The poor man's James Bond is the undisputed leader in the field of books on improvised weaponry. And do it. Yourself mayhem it. Gives FULL IN? Simple instructions for making tear-gas explosives firearms silencers. Poisons ZIP guns grenades. Knock out drops. Flame throwers in a wide variety of weapons. It also tells you how to buy. Most of the needed chemicals from your grocery and garden store includes fireworks and explosives like Grandad used to make. He really likes his GRANDDAD. Seems like it influences trooper. This book has hundreds of formulas and processes for making fireworks blasting compounds gunpowder nitro gun cotton etc..

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