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We're live richly live and this time no kidding picked up. It's nothing stopping us. We could chit for as long as he wants. So thank you for joining us as we welcome you to the enemy fighting you have c vegas fourteen post show. I m mike heck no fancy fade or sweater tonight but happy joined by the rest of the horsemen. Jose young's is here. E. casey lioness here. A kaley will be joining us. But he's not here quite yet but a coward coward. So you're raise ak kelly. I don't know what's funny that image or the image short tour. His empty chair during between the lights. Just amazing we promised yesterday during the shorten prefight show pre show that we would make it up to you. So we're going to answer a lot of questions tonight but we're going to talk about the main event i talk about. How field assange. He got me all sorts of fired up with his walkout song. Walk enough to cooma tae from the movie bloods or a plus entrance song. Taking paul felder were placed islam market. Jeff just five days notice. The fight was grueling was fun both guys brought it. Rda was super impressive when the action went to the cage walls in the end former champ gets back in the win column with a split decision which is just ridiculous. I'm sorry. I love off elder but score. That fight for him is just Just absolutely ridiculous. But jose thoughts on that main event. Rda's return to one fifty five in in a very successful at that. It looks like failed. Asano's had been in a full fight. Camp in paul fell. There had not locked into an animated. Jim in what four months four weeks. Whatever he said so Paul felt looks great offensively Especially in the early rounds like he was looked real crispell quick and everything but that just goes to show you that. He's been doing kickboxing monetize. So long that it's not hard for him to just get off the couch and fight but his defense is wasn't there he was getting hit. A lot is getting tagged a lot with the strikes and he couldn't stop the take down and he he he was holding his own on the ground but his timing just wasn't there defensively offensively. It looks like he had missed a beat. But i just don't think the timing was there to try to avoid any damage coming his white but it is what it is to fight on five days notice to hold it against him. It's pretty much. I thought already might get finish at some point in the later rounds especially if you took him down one of those arm. Triangles armed jokes that he he split so many fighters away with but while felder held off. Survives lost should be unanimous decision. I had it five. Oh i can see. I can see the argument for four one felder but no there's no way in the world all fell to one three of those rows Surprise when they read the scorecard. So yeah mardi fido on my scorecards. Yeah it was. It was just one of those fights like feller has moments elliptic. Maybe the first and second round where we're kinda close. Rda just kinda took over with his. Just that grueling game plan that he always brings the tailhook fantastic tonight casey. You are on the preview show yesterday and you predicted this. Main event would be quote a five round snooze earlier. You could not have watched fights and i thought oh man. This fight sucks like the fight was the fight was great was not but all kidding aside what what did you think of it. Now that it's over. I i said a five rows news in the sense that it's going to be. I thought it was gonna be a dominant win much. Like i thought it was gonna be a ardy versus Anthony pettis type performance. Which i feel it pretty much was I mean it wasn't a snooze done tonight. It was actually more exciting. I thought it was going to be by fell if rda wanted just a hundred percent us out wrestling. It could have been. But i think rda. I think i think you want an action fi. And he got one but i think he also is a very smart fighter he realized. Oh if i'm if i do this stand up. Yeah maybe mr felder by thinking about us. My wrestling use my all that training. I used to train for islam. i'm i it was just. It was just smart smart smart. Move by Mr don joe's and the coup we have here hold on hold on. We have a if someone calling in right now. Who who is this. It's my best friend. Can they have it. Set up that have to go out everybody. You're welcome to to live post show. Oh exciting okay. Back what i was saying Was going no. It wasn't a snooze fest. But it i think they actually said it was. It looks like rda on a full camp versus a very very good striker with no camp who was training for a triathlon ak Welcome welcome and you're looking at this fight. I believe it was almost a similar comparison to the robert. Whitaker versus jared cannon near fight like there seemed to be sort of like a. you felt. there's a kind of like a blatant disrespect towards rda. This is one of those. Like don't you know who i am typer performances mafia You said on this channel that rda heading into this fight despite not being in this division over the last four years was a top five lightweight in the world. Do you feel vindicated right now after tonight. Of course i do take me once. He laughed a lot to be said he was still put him above daniel hooker. I said that's that's the kind of top five times. And i i put up there at. Yeah he looked he looked great. I think casey is right as well. Yeah i mean it's literally what he described. It was a a trains very highly trained. Well prepared by the guy who just admitted Post-flight that Nepal filter said that he hadn't been in an in four months and frankly he didn't look. I think he didn't that bad. If you're listening on commentary was definitely being up as boy a lot But yeah there's a lot of truth in that he actually did. He didn't he didn't look look strong at moments nights. We're seeing the standard of course grabbing hold other story that this is something we discussed on prefight. Show right where it's not when you're facing someone like rda. It's not just about being in shape. It's it's his skill set is so diverse that If you're not drilling a lot of things that he's strong at not just the wrestling but ardia kept catching with that straight left hand. That's something that again you would catch you. Pick up on a training drill knocking get caught by that little things like that and only have twenty five minutes to adapt and i thought he did a great job for what it was but that grappling of on a whole other level. So yeah i stand by it. I think you'll see a healthy number back next to his name again this week in the rankings. Come out and i think it'll be a number five. Jose paul felder had a great speech during his post fight interview. He basically called out the fighters who missed weight saying that you know. I haven't been in gym at four months. I still got on the scale. It sucked but i got to fifty six. I did my job. And then i went in there and five rounds The more importantly anything. He said that i'm not going anywhere. I'm still gonna fight. Are you surprised by this. Because it seemed like a lot of people felt this is going to be the swansong win or lose for Seems that is not the case. While i think i said it on the on the preview show. If he did lose. I think it would be a matter of how he would lose. What determine If he sticks around or not if he goes do use five round. And it's a close fight or if looks any sorts competitive in doesn't get finished will probably come back just because he is the type of competitive that he is.

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