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I really can't I just keep I just keep wanting to say like mucho blocks for testing here just like it just I'm kinda glad bike through that out there I don't know why he did very strange choice but I'm I'm really happy about it it means a lot I don't know what it means though so might my second team to reiterate Derek Walton Muhammad Ali Abdul Rachman care subvert that Novak Jordan Morgan okay I like it the girl at the greedy team manager anything already not already lotus lot of over chairs in that group yeah yeah they get mucho vote seventy mucho great that's good that's good Mike what he got for us brown so what can brown do for you sold I I think I had a fire I think I I'm Waco I think I held tell Michael though I think I side with Zack on the first team I think I've I think I'd slot Iggy in there over Novak you can't you can't discredit or discount what Novak meant to the program as it was kind of getting to where it is now it at the beginning part of the decade under B. line just plain I meet just out of position didn't belong playing there but he did and he did it well and he again is one of those foundational pieces but I mean the numbers and the numbers favor you know go in eighties favor quite by quite a bit as a score talent wise I mean it's it's pretty obvious so I think I would give the nod to eighty at the for the other the other four spots for both you guys were the same and I would I would have them the same as well yeah and that second line what was the difference is you had you had some of you I think I like Zaks approach to as true point guards I think you to put later Simpson and Eric Walton on the same grew I know it's kind of how it's done like when they when they do all big ten are all America there's no it's kind of position list but I I like the I like the positional integrity a little bit too I would go with Walton over Simpson at this point you know we'll see the only the only what twelve to his left of this decade I guess so now Xavier has a chance to read to fit to fix some of the issues he's had this year so I I like Walton there ahead of him I think my my list looks more like Zaks because of the positions and trying to get guys that one through five I think for me I was gonna do a third team and so I wanna make sure that they were Sims and got on my second team but if you want to make the argument because I said we started off here that I wanted to be have some positional integrity they should have to point guards I get on board with if you drop Simpson from the list and put on a homily Barack man I yeah I mean I can make some that makes sense I mean largest law as I just kind of explain the I I just love I loved everything about them what he did and again it was it was kind of a combination of like a Novak in an Iggy he was not only like this kind of this inspirational story wasn't a big time recruit wasn't even thought of probably is a guy who's going to play a ton of Michigan and became one of the one of the go to guy is very very talented I think what it even had a Cup of coffee in the NBA for a little bit I don't know I know he was looked at I think is a highly team no I thought he was the G. league okay but me I would not play in the actual league okay what's again just kind of speaks to the development of what he was able to become a Michigan so I like I like that that break down or that that lay out of positions better for the one through five you guys have a different what was your post players in the so I went with I don't have no back in Morgan on my second team okay and Mike had okay yeah be Morgan Teske right I think I'd go Teske I think I would go Teske over J. mall man that one's really because that's the closest one out of all of them to me from the differences that you guys had that one yes Teske tell the look at their numbers that might that might be the the might be the deciding factor for me because I I I like a lot about what both of them did in terms of on court in just their presence I do think Teske had better numbers I know for a fact is better blocking and rebounding numbers not not quite as certain about scoring margin blocks for Teske moot Joe yeah yeah I think I'll go I go to ask if I was if I was breaking the tie a little bit there between between what you guys had I mean obviously not gonna be a ton of difference is there some no brainer as you guys talked about the no brainer is on the first team that everybody's gonna have but yeah pretty close I mean I think of most people casual fan someone in the media came up with the missions to you know to all tie all decade teams are gonna be pretty similar there's not a lot of other guys you could kind of you can pull into the discussion I don't think I guess what I'm mageary what his run just was too short yeah probably I mean the impact was like six or seven games freshman year yeah then you suspended what midway through date or just the one we saw the impact he had in those games was was huge tournament run but yep just two short too short lived to a to beat out you know you're in you're all contributors like Teske in and Jordan Morgan yeah I like those teams man canister man speaks to how good they've been because there's a lot of really good players on their own these are thinking back to what what they did on the court and the kind of success they had a much winning they did yeah pretty impressive might my third team would cause Michael pulls hair out if you put this team on the court by that because a lot of the I mean I I've been in this this studio enough to know which flicker th drive you nuts judge Jordan pull on it yep it's David Simpson Jordan pool Zac Irvine okay let Robinson the third okay and John Teske it's the all up and down frustrate Michaels bath team it is that we got hit robin thing is kind of that that sick man to a loss of this I came around and Ackerman for me finished off on a high note so I'm I'm fine with Ackerman during pull never came around and I never came round in your pool Glen Robinson the third I don't really fall Glenn Robinson the third I think you should leave back I should come back after his facial leftovers freshman year when all his like all all of the getting first round grades yeah his second year I'm not really I don't I'm not really down and when I was a third what he what he was was not what he we thought he could be but that's a little bit of he didn't have the ball handling skills to be a some of the control cream from self off the dribble but he's still a very good shooter very good rebounder a great dunker cell I don't know much I don't know much would you say I don't know much yeah mucho issue with him Jordan pool you're right Jordan pull in and I didn't so leave leave on the best of terms real quick Teske Morgan comparisons interesting this task is numbers were so bad as a freshman yeah that is averages are below Morgan in both points and rebounds for his career okay Morgan didn't plays a freshman Richard well okay so for four years of playing yeah okay that that's that's right he was a fifth your guy but yes has these numbers were I mean just in play he just he didn't start any games as a freshman only average three minutes a game but that that we didn't start a turn as a sophomore either two games yeah so the those number those really hurt his overall average in terms of like when you look at his car but is his last two seasons are far better than any two seasons that Morgan put together so I'll just kind of interesting because of how sparingly he was used early on in his career versus what he's doing now but I still think I would go Teske to give the edge all right when we come back transitional little bits got some more Michigan football talk about this and somehow does for certain fifty W. to get to get coming in the in nineteen seventy nine reporter at this again from Colorado Avalanche by day at the.

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