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Know about him is that when he was a member of the skull and bones society at Yale. He snuck onto the beef creek. Apache prisoner of war cemetery in nineteen eighteen and he was there to desecrate the grave of the indigenous leader and warrior Geronimo. But also he was very close to Nazism and the Nazi ideology and figures who would go on to take over Germany under the reign of Adolf Hitler during the nineteen thirties. His firm was doing a lot of funding for a Thyssen, which is as large conglomerate in Germany, that's also involved in the steel and coal industry there. And of course, what is the rearmament programme depending on right? It's depending on all all this metal and steel for building the tanks, building the planes ships. We present these pictures of geminis new army in a Ray near them. Beg. Because it's important that the public should have an opportunity of gauging the extent of German rearmament. Yes, Germany rearmed is again, a big miniature effect time the web, and while there was nothing technically illegal at least under US law. Of course, Hitler is is secretly arming and in violation to the armistice treaty and the league of nations he continues this even after the US formally enters World War Two into nineteen forty two. And finally the US treasury seizes some of his assets. And that's worth thinking about that Prescott. Bush is arming the Nazis into nineteen forty two a former Nazi war crime. Prosecutors said that Prescott Bush should have been prosecuted for aiding and abetting the enemy and about a decade ago to former slave labors at Auschwitz unsuccessfully tried to sue the Bush family. Early because they're slave labor was benefiting ultimately the Bush family because they were working for the Tyson corporation benefiting from the death camp labor and then in turn Prescott Bush did now ruin you. You mentioned George H W Bush starting his life in the shadows working with the CIA in the nineteen fifties. But of course, you know, in all of the eulogies it's mentioned that he was a former CIA director, but he was only director of the Central Intelligence Agency for less than a year over the course of nineteen seventy six to nineteen seventy seven take us back to the beginning of the relationship between George H W Bush and the CIA and what we know about it. So George Bush joined skull-and-bone society, this is considered a fertile recruitment ground these secret societies for the CIA, you know, it's a club quote unquote at Yale at that point going to an Ivy league institution like that. It's. Exclusively young wealthy. White men. There were quotas on Jews at this time. And of course, virtually no blacks Latinos or people of other races. So in the nineteen fifties out of college. The Bush family was actually a very close to the Dulles family and Allen Dulles John Foster Dulles a really key architects of the Cold War under Dwight D Eisenhower Allen Dulles is at the head of the CIA time ran the United States government fields had the developments in another gum is of a nature to imperil to these safety and the security and the peace of the world and ask the Central Intelligence Agency to be agent in that particular situation. So George Bush senior ends up going into the oil business. He starts his company called the pot corporation after college, I returned to death and Midland. Where in the framework of the free enterprise system. I help to Bill too strong businesses in the oil industry in the late nineteen fifties. They move one of their oil rigs close to Cuba. This is around the time that Castro came that power addicting, the US back dictator Batista, and the C I A, reportedly what they were doing was they were using the Sobotta offshore oil corporation to train Cuban exiles. And that they would give these list of names to George Bush to hire to work on the platform. And from this platform, they would train them and they would conduct raids on their homeland. But he's traveling all over the world. He's going to South America. He's going to visiting Gulf states. He's going to Borneo these are all producing regions. But what he's also doing?.

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