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Friday the north korean communist dictatorships diplomat cancelled his speech to the un which was unheard of and then came back saturday well why not just here at directly from him what he said hit try to insult the supreme dignity of my country referring it to a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to deemed tired us mainland inevitable all the more in case innocent the lives of the us our harland because of this suicide attack trump will be held totally responsible what else could it be a bigger threat then the violent remarks such as pouring fire it and fury total destruction coming from the pope authority of the world's biggest nuclear power okay congressman former congressman medical dr air force veterans ron paul was against the iraq war he was against the afghan stand operations he's been against all of it he's the break right here shun and of course shelves till the congress spearheaded exposing the fact that the west should back alqaeda and then isis later and the trump light fully picked up that gauntlet and took the baton forward and has helped clean up a lot of isis and kicked him out of us syria to a great extent now be the time to come home instead the nieto cons and others i want to go into sherry a kickout assad himself rod paul's written extensively on that so is of on me institute and the ron paul institute the stories posted on news wars dot com and infowars dot com ron paul how to end the career crisis kim joined saddam could obvious todd on a list of madman shares paul this is a complex issue but he's got a very well researched angle on its own a get his take thank you for joining us during this critical time thank you now there is a delay today with our can actually the you know here's the but that's okay initial fox now dr paul let's get into your plan to avert which could happen any time causing a huge nuclear war well the sooner we get out of there the better we went into korea what i was in high school and there was illegal unconstitutional down without permission other people was done within a week after the civil war broke out an 'area banned some of my creatures narrow band ever since that time almonds haywire were there what what should.

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