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Go on their website and find all the links to his music and background information on the episode. Show notes so now. Let's go to the United Kingdom once again the first time in stay half left to European Union but well L. for our podcast does not really change a lot. I had a wonderful talk with two lovely people whom. I'm sure many many of you know from their work. I'll kiss dietrich. And Peter Gray have created one of the most interesting being an exciting independent book publishing brands in the Field of the occult scarlet imprint. They produce wonderful wonderful books by the look touch and of course by their content and this is exactly one of the subjects that we will touch nervous cussin' and what makes a book so special. Why is it a kind of magical object? But before that as usual I they wanted to know where to two of them. Come from to have become the interesting cultists they are them selves. What brought them together in their venture and this all kicked off a discussion? Where very freely we touched number of interesting subjects like group work self instruction the influence ends of the Internet? You name it in about thirty minutes. I will come back for music break but now without without further ado off to that wonderful conversation with I'll kiss systemic and PD gray. Here.

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