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K. I'm Joe Michaels news ninety three point one AFC, K police and other first responders all the solemn procession along highway ninety nine this afternoon as the body of slain Sacramento police officer taro Sullivan was moved from the coroner's office to a funeral home in elk grove, many of those lining. Today's route were waving American flags while firemen CHP and other law enforcement officers stood watch on overpasses along, the route President Donald Trump is reportedly ordering federal immigration rates to begin Sunday ice agents said to be targetting up to two thousand families that have been slated for deportation in several big cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago IRA Mellman of the federation for immigration reform supports the raids these people have been through the legal procedure. They have been issued an order of deportation. And they've discounted critics though are blasting the deportation orders, LA county supervisor, and former Obama administration cabinet member Hilda Solis accuses President Trump. Of organizing political stunt Keller, and very calculated move on the part of the administration. So lease things Trump is trying to score political points within his base. Protesters faced off against PG shareholders and board. Members today outside the utility San Francisco headquarters, the demonstrators placing eighty-five pairs of shoes at the entry way this morning to represent each person killed in last November's campfire in Butte county. I'm Joe Michaels news ninety three point one. K. F B K now traffic.

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