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Body. You are listening to Joe Lisi. Stop with that. That's my wife nickname for me. It has nothing to do here with the. Oh, no. Hey, listen, you know, Claude Dino few weeks ago sent along some stuff on the World War Two memorial to us. Remember that Alicia? I didn't know I think it was Claudine. Thank her hoping I want to thank you very much along a book your Joe as a pilot him himself, should he should appreciate this. And really it's about the women are the wasp the women airforce service pilots in here at the end general hap, Henry hap Arnold for the army air force in a speech to the last class of the wasp before the program was disbanded. He says you win more than nine hundred of your sisters have shown that you can fly wingtip to wingtip with your brothers ever if ever. There was a doubt in anyone's mind that women can become skillful pilots. The wasp have dispelled that doubt. I like it. Yes. And it tells you about the stuff they did and to show the man to be twenty nine was both safe and reliable. They decided if they could train women to fly the b twenty nine professionally than mail pals could be persuaded to fly the Bahama this. Well, so anyway, so they were looking for women to fly the b twenty nine, but it's a great. Story. And of course, the women did play a great role in World War Two. You too are women in their right? We are my goodness. Thank you for noticing. Not that. There was any question. Okay..

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