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No brendan iribe were rejected that let me just men in that code here he sure you have the right code i'm not sure i have the right koga paleo lift now i know it lasted for more than two million years old 70000 years has that ninety that works but just just make sure you type in life mm oh really starting to master the art of the smooth landing rat was this move landing uh my aching back no denver whining guy rise we gotta figure out how we homo sapiens in our other homonyn relatives like neanderthals spread out around the world from their birthplace in africa gone the tonka job oh my calculations are right mindy we've landed in a part of the world that is before robert lee where the country of ethiopia is located bulk with over the air uh who's peaceful over there look like i ask who mostly pm that's a pretty big group of them look don't want to keep them lattes bother me i think we'll witnessing an example of how our human ancestors started to spread out around the world by walking blocking edel literally walk from east africa into the middle east and then some went west to europe in some went east to asia bloom at all i humans are formula one thing goal extended pampered s it's so coal isn't it it's wind humans no matter where they're from or through their monitored dads are are ninety nine percent genetically identical boy you've been you and me sass because we are part of the same species even though me and you look different weight we do whereas many our dna is pretty much identical menu with very small variations look more homo sapiens.

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