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First of all, our we're late. We went to link that way south was supposed to be ready in twenty minutes. It was supposed to be a waste style. We will let a wing Charles. Okay. This has become Wayne. is to stop and go okay this Dow Wayne Powers of a and we at the wings. And Movie Nair Boo. Hoo crying based. Yet. A crime. But asking about how wings right Love United. Wearing, movies. They not ready she will doubling. Pasu. So she went outside. Wanted. We're not going up there to talk to her. She wasn't a young child Ernie thing but I, just you know I wrong Warren. Yes. I. Was So broken down she was she was so. It was about ten o'clock at night though to the the wings were late it was legs and we were not in the same neighborhood and watch you was fine and we're not take ours K on sale out there to check on her somebody else's business. This is facts. I'll my voice is Roger because I don't have my headphones on my voice is loud in general. To favor. Definite, I'm the same way. Reminded me of course worth you. Know, you're not going out I wanted to ask so. Been Boyfriends, friends and domestic. Violence. Situation Orson drugs. You're out there like a heritage behind. The. All in the middle of something right I didn't go I didn't go. In there together. I was an elbows. She was broken down she was broken and I knew it had to be more than just these wings. Crawling Wings will make you cry though who knew what it was about? Okay. Okay, alright. So yeah, help me. That's a hell mayor for help me. The next helped me is the Knicks help me. Hail Mary is the name of the segment. Off The next Hail Mary it me to founder Toronto burt making activism more accessible, being need to act to founder metoo movement. against. Sexual Violence Sexual harassment and longtime activists Toronto Birth. Those people are averaged in even overwhelmed in collaboration with rated that marketing agency. ABC's six-person the METOO relations in a move visual on me to ask to Menelaus today's active in both experienced in lieu to educate themselves and get involved in their communities and Loan that so much love than me to movement in our creative is so much change so much changed were so many different industries including the.

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