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The Browns worked home today worked at home remotely to prep for tomorrow's game against the Steelers. Cleveland can lock up its first playoff berth in 17 years of the victory. And when the states play the Panthers tomorrow, they're gonna be forced to play without there in tight, you're running backs room. Octavius Murray joins Alvin Kamara on the cove It list and that means Dwayne Washington, Michael Burton and company all out all considered high risk. Close contacts, Steelers corner, Joe Hayden reported because the positive for covert 19, which means Hell, miss the first round of the playoffs along with tomorrow's game against Cleveland and Washington, reportedly said to start quarterback Alex Smith against the Eagle was tomorrow night. Smith practice this week says he's feeling fine. He hasn't played since week. 14 with the calf injury. And it is a must win for Washington, which can lock up the NFC East title and its first playoff berth since 2015 sad news coming down for the MBA Hall of Famer and five time All Star Paul Westphal died today after a battle with brain cancer. Westfall, most known for his playing days with Phoenix, won a title with the Celtics back in 74. He was 70 years old. Up. 25 College Basketball. Iowa Held up Rutgers 77 75. It was Texas over Kansas. 84 59. Baylor Beat Iowa State 76 65 Cretan held off Providence, 67. 65, Missouri beat Arkansas 81 to 68. America. Her squids I own football takes you around the NFL scores, breaking news highlights and interviews on CBS Sports Radio every football Sunday noon to eight Eastern Be front enjoying Jim Rome in the jungle. We days from 12 to 3 eastern exclusively on CBS Sports Radio. Exclude stacks that includes 8 99 100 FT will read their statements of total of 1800 Beeston. Pictures of Mr Piano Could put it over instead of 31 Point, Ladies and gentleman here on your beach. It's the final round of the price point of US injury. Challengers from every other man you adventurer are on the ropes, their knees or buckling him. Kendall Coconut Creek,.

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