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See what's happening in the world. See what you know? The usual suspects are up to Forbes is the end of the year, usual suspect before its list, and they come up with some pretty creative ones. This one is the world's highest paid celebrities under thirty. So this runs the gamut. There's all there's musicians there's all kinds of sports figures. We'll make any guesses or shall I just under thirty? Yeah. You know, what I actually know who the number one. We'll don't say I'm not gonna say it. And now that's the only thought in my head, right? Anybody else? We'll number ten is a golfer. Jordan speeds who made forty one million dollars. Is that right? Yeah. Twenty five years old. He made forty one million dollars last year. I've actually heard that name. I don't really know anything about golf. Although I did hear you know, because the match happened and Mickelson one. They're talking about making that a series. It didn't go. Well, that's the funny which is right and people are being refunded. To what I read and I feel free to correct me. Actually, why even say that you're going to. I feel my role. Me making making myself feel better about your comments. I guess I invited it. So it's okay for you to be mean to me. Oh my God. I hope you don't feel like I mean talking to the listeners. Aw. Anything about it. Me. Yeah. No texters. Anyway, what I heard is the fire the payment firewall so you pay and the firewall comes down. And now, you can see it. There was a problem and people were they were getting to see the show that they'd paid the twenty dollars for. So they at a certain point they just rip the firewall down. And let everyone watch while some people had paid right? And so they felt like they can't keep some of the money. They gotta give that backs and say let everybody else watch for free. So this was an event that you know, they they were hoping and maybe it will end up being thing. But it didn't go great. I actually wondered when I was reading that story. If there were just so few people who gave a flying about it that they just went up for front rip the stone. What was like HBO or I don't know. Network or anything, but it was a long. I mean, they were tied. His four hours. And and then they did they had to do for more holes from what I heard. It was fun. But the competition like they were doing gimmes. Right. You know, you can pick that up. That's not the way you play right? Level one of the things sound sort of interesting to me was they made side bets that every single one of you know, bogie this or I don't know what the terms are. Oh, was it two hundred thousand dollars per little side bet. And then what was the final pay off like tiger ninety million? The winner got nine tiger got money too. But anyway, there's there's been talk. I guess there was a couple of episodes of some kind of show about this leading up to it. And they're talking about making into some kind of series, which I don't know if that means they're going to match other people up or they're going to somehow take the footage from this and make it into some kind of show don't know how that will fly. But anyway. Golf, number ten on the how we got here on the highest paid celebrities under thirty from Forbes is Jordan speech. He's a golfer forty one million dollars. What about any rappers Melissa milk? No, no, not specifically how about there's definitely Arianna Guerande. She's not she's not in the top ten. Justin, Bieber neighbors. Not in the top ten either. Okay. How 'bout motto wise? No, no, mono, Ted guys considered. Celebrities. You know, I guess they're not maybe there are lower down on the on the list, but they're not considered celebrities, or at least they don't appear to be based on this NFL quarterback. Derek Carr is twenty seven years old. He's ninth-place he made forty two million dollars. There's a boxer named Canelo. Alvarez alvarez. We made forty four million bucks. He's twenty eight one of the guys from the chain smokers. Why one the other ones too old? Possibly. Yes. The chain smokers. Taggart's you're gonna tell me one of the chain smokers makes less than the other team right while you're right? So project drew in Alex, Alex is thirty one Jews twenty eight drew is this eight twenty nine next month. Well, maybe my reporters whatever I mean if he's under five years apart. So drew tiger to the chain smokers made forty five million freaking chain smokers, forty five million bucks ninety million bucks between the two of them here for them. Unreal. James harden from the NBA, the only reason I know James Harden's name is because he was with khloe for a while. Right. Wasn't. He was khloe when her other NBA guy Lamar OD, and she said. Yeah. Kristen. And then interesti- the dad of her kid true. That's the current one. Right. Yeah. I get confused with her dudes. You got it. Right. Okay. They were together. And then they he was like he didn't trip. It. All no. He was like you go do what you gotta do buy back. I'll go see if there's anyone else waiting for me my window. City that single thing. So forty six million bucks. He may he's twenty nine the weekend. He made fifty seven million dollars last year. What? Taurine must.

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