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Up everybody's game but all the while being the most fun hilarious delightful person yeah murderers row of actresses so lucky so lucky to to work with all of them and honestly we all felt really supported by our male actors allies whether it was Ryan. Fleck directing front who's Anna Boden directing partner and an-and Ryan R. E. PS on the series? As well or slattery jealous. I'm trying to think of all the other incredible men that are in the peace and there are a lot of them who supported our ladies. And it's not that often that men step up and say I'm GonNa play the husband or the boyfriend or whatever and we were really fortunate that these extraordinarily talented guys did. Is there a different air onset in that kind of circumstance We had a lot of fun. I mean we also had a mostly female an extremely intersectional writer's room that was very important to Dav into all of us Ryan was our token straight white male. And he got there because Anna. You know you'd have conversations about or being MOMS and there were kids on that but it was just a great group. I mean Emma Asante directed episode three and four Lord Clermont or no who did the terrific Mustang and also the act which was wonderful directed episodes five and six Anna and Ryan came back into seven and nine engine Knicks Bravo did episode eight. So look who doesn't want to just sit and hang out with Margo Martindale. I'm Sarah Paulson and and Tracey Ullman. Dinners Were Fun. And that was fun guy. Everybody was supportive n not to mention Melanie Linski. Who's incredible. She's a wonderful person. I love her aunt. Sarah got to work with both of them and they're the best. They're the best and also funny so it was supportive and an I love Elizabeth Banks. She lives not that far for me and she just hiked up my hill so is able to socially distanced. Say Hello from my driveway. Her and her kids and her husband. It's a fun smart funny hard-working Group. I don't know if the air was different. I think we just had a great group of people. It's nice not to be the only woman that's a great thing too so that was a lot of fun. Do you feel that? There's a difference in the way you approach a film versus a series. I think I look at story for story. Look Television series is a marathon not a sprint. So you do really have to Pay Yourself. You have to be looking at the whole story. They're different challenges. Because we blocked shot episode. Eight was separated out. Because it's really kind of its own thing it takes place at the Houston Women's convention in Nineteen Seventy seven but you definitely have to pay attention to the Ark. All the way through and the actors are really used to that. They're really used to keeping the whole equation in their head. But no I mean I think a lot of the films I made in the ninety s might live on television today sensibility wives and I think that you want hold people's interests no matter what you're doing. Yeah so if you could go back to one moment onset in your entire career what moment would you choose to relive Wow I don't know if I can do that. There's so many on so many films you know. We had so many magical. It's funny I remember all of these really tense like scary moments and maybe it's going back and saying everything's GonNa be okay like when we blew up a candy land people because everyone's so jaded by visual effects. Don't realize that we actually blew up. Gandhi Land Bob in Quentin were in like a little plexiglass box and it exploded and burned so much hotter than we thought it was going to that. I was super worried that the steel on the lights were going to be compromised. That it could have fallen on Bob and Quentin who were under this tiny little plexiglass thing to them laughing and weren't worried at all. It's like my job to worry about them. Or like I think about the night that on Fisher King when we were shooting grand central station. And we didn't have enough money for a choreographer because it meant that every extra would have to be a dancer. We had a thousand extras and I just remember like all night long in grand central station because the extra couldn't even waltz to the Blue Danube because it was too challenging so it was just somebody in a microphone and at one point it might have been me going one two three one or I like I. I remember days like on Gatica when we were doing the close up work on Loren Dean and Ethan swimming out at the end and we were shooting in a pool and we couldn't afford a wave maker and we couldn't afford shit in a tank either and I remember somebody saying to us like if you've got a forklift it would recreate the waves. Well we didn't work day on set and I was lying on my stomach with the kickboard along with like six other people trying to make waves so I just remember these weird moments that you know are magical re. They're the Dan Vanilla Sky when they shut down. No I will tell you that as a moment I would never go back. Live Cameron Crowe. Who is a friend of mine me to act in a party scene mercifully? All of my lines are cut out He gave me like a character name. So it shows up as I'm some character. He gave me the name Raina. I don't exactly know why but MC there also I made this movie. That's not not great called feeling Minnesota and while we were shooting it was like May and it was finally like fifty degrees so I was standing under skyway and talking a Paul Westerberg from the replacements who are favor band of mine when they have a song that's called skyway and I was like standing under a skyway talking to your. I mean you know. They're just goofy things like having Tuesday. Well tell you stories about Elvis and working with Elvis you know in that was great or being with Robin Williams when he's entertaining the whole entire. Croup because you're having problems with the shot or you know making man on the moon where Jim Carey never broke character. He was either Andy Kaufman or Tony Clifton. So I've been really blessed. We had that with Jamie. Where Jamie would sing? Break people up or I'll tell you other horrible days. I don't WanNa go back in time like the day that Leonardo broke the glass and his hand was Kinda blood was running their. He'd already heard his shoulder with those candlesticks. Which you knew how happy they were all my God. Yeah and he didn't and he was rehearsing and he picked it up like it was like a lightweight prop and had already risk something in his shoulder. And I'd already called the orthopedic surgeon that had been helping us on the movie and by the time he cut his hand I was like bring your suture kit. He's on his way over. So it's like it's not that they're bad they're just like you can't imagine that. Despite all of those things the miracle of movie happens like on a everyday was fun but it was freezing in Detroit. It was so cold. I just worked with our script supervisor from that movie again on. Respect the ARETHA Franklin film with the brilliant Jennifer Hudson and by the way I'd go back any day and sit on set and listen to her sing and honestly every day working with the ladies and the men on Mrs America. I miss them. I mean having the show. Come out in the middle of this. It's it's strange not to be able to be with everybody and celebrate. Do with a because there are so many crew members in cast members that you've had to say goodbye because the show must have been. What is your process after you clean it project to sort of mourn the end of it if you will. It's funny that you stop my late mentor. And FIRST BOSS. Debra Hill who? I was super close to and who still give out a scholarship in her name through the PGA. Every year two producers not just producers but to people getting out of graduate school for producing. I used to make fun of her when I was first working for her because she used to clean out and Organiz her garage in an obsessive way after every show but I now understand it because you come home from location was so much junk and you feel really out of control because life has moved on for everybody else. But you've been in a perfect bubble away with like your summer camp friends making something and have these intense emotional experiences. And how do you create order? My kids are always like yeah. Mom's gallons ought to clean up our room whenever she's back from location then on the other hand we were up on top of that mountain. You know at ninety five hundred feet and they call me to find something in their bedroom. Even though they're incredibly participatory and fantastic father.

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