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An auspicious night for Bryce able to be here Sean and Phil from K. K. O. H. in Reno I have sent the following to me it is a follow up. experts say a colorful flash of light that lit up the entire north eastern western sky may have been get this a dying satellite or chunk of space rock. people from San Francisco to New Mexico reported seeing the mysterious greenish yellow flash shortly before nine last night witnesses say it lasted only seconds but was intensely bright. an astronomer at the Griffiths Griffith park observatory says the flash probably was caused by space debris burning up as it entered the atmosphere John Moseley's as this is probably the biggest flash they've seen in two years. he said the meteor was probably a crumbly piece of asteroid or possibly a fragment of a comet. but Frank o'donnell a spokesman for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena says it also might have been a falling satellites. so that's the real world folks going on tonight once again here is Bryce Zabel Bryce it could've been something else to cut it well I I'm I'm coming up with my own theories what do you think it is. pods. parts price parts okay one thing I'm enjoying it I'm loving help this the word.

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