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Teams yeah Antonio brown blah blah blah whatever hot take though from Jamie spicy take I'd say of the super hot because he thinks through a little bit better than Antonio brown now right in PP are yes it non PPR no in half PVR no half of yours always tough what a pain in the **** I like I said my favorite format but when you have to give answers and half PP arts kind of pain the **** because you always like difficult thing which I do but you know people have PPR this guy this guy Mike just just ask me PP are in or and standard I'll feel so much better about it well anyway welcome to the show if you're just tuning in eight five five two one two four CBS that's our phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven we have a full board of calls and we will get to you but Jamie I want to know Sunday first the year with story lines are you really interested in tomorrow. in terms of the actual on feel plight yeah I mean the fantasy implications like what are you really looking at all Todd Gurley I want to see you know if some McVeigh's words are accurate that he's going to have his usual work that's the first and foremost for me the Kansas city backfill to see how they're gonna use both Damien Williams on the subway if McQuay fact is going to play which will expect I want to see you know some of the things that we've been looking of the Tampa Bay backfield you'll see how that's going to unfold the Niners back of that game to me I'm circling yeah that's a that's a good one I'm trying to think the second receiver for Pittsburgh see if it's going to you know actually be docked him thought they Mochrie for the entire game you know terms of just the the the targets you know it's I I think you know we we we got a good indication of the Packers receivers you know for example on on Thursday that it's not the scaling a second guy will be Moncrief as the second guy there there's a lot you know the the Panthers receivers will Curtis Samuel you know get some of the hype Urbino perform like some might be got the the ravens receiving corps note that one but when you ask you I know you you message me this during the break the first thing that came to mind was arm. before the game will later Peterson being active you know well that allow both I eat you know Terry's guys and Chris Thompson to get the majority of touches there which I think will be the case anyway but even if Peterson is active I still think though if he's an active that's a big boost for their rest of season value okay and it yeah I don't don't make too much of week one we already told and I don't think anybody's panicking about the Packers but I'm gonna tell you a player I'm gonna give you his week one stat line last year let's just see if you can guess he was very good rest of season he had one catch for six yards on six targets any idea who I might be talking about week one last year. anybody I don't know okay as in the AFC west. can down. Travis Kelsey. one catch for six yards against the Chargers who had their when James at the time and we didn't know how great their when James going to be okay so let's hear from the callers at a five five two one two four two two seven we go to Paul in Louisiana what's up Paul. pick to form the words Colin date fuller and call for rivers got to go by. I would probably do a little ram stacked there with any other. woods gone without a goth gaudy okay I'll tricky way to answer that question Sir with golf golf day a five five two one two four two two seven Tristen in Nashville Tristen your honor I on fantasy football. Hey guys two parter both short one great to train I just ran a Josh Gordon for Alshon I feel pretty good about it and then too I'm trying to work out a two for one because they're too deep on the bench but if I need to drop one of John Brown Ronald Jones Alexander Madison who goes thanks. man that's a tough one terms of with a drop I think they're great that the trade is a C. I. as the one surprise me it just works better than our sun who would you drop all right so we're looking at John Brown Ronald Jones and and Madison I I think you know the it's funny because if if if I'm looking at the first guy would pick up would be John Brown but if you have a stacked receiving corps you know who knows if he plays I would hate to drop Ronald Jones just on the chance that he comes out and has a fantastic game so it's probably out of their medicine but what I which I do maybe is is if you could trade Madison to the Vikings owner do a two for one and seating get back something you know may even just along the lines of a John Brown in return I always struggle I always struggle when when people ask if they should drop handcuffs and even if it's not there handcuff you let's just say number two running backs because you just you know that guy could we could be a league winner or he could be completely useless I think I think usually roster that many of them I think what we end up seeing a lot of times as players like Madison players like Pollard Darwin Thompson justice hill you know throw whoever you want in there that's a guy that's not guaranteed a lot of touches right away is they get dropped after they get drafted and then it's typically the rush to pick that guy back up again if there's an injury but it's just so hard to carry those guys when you have to make roster moves and in in the case of you know the like you said it if it's not necessarily your hand cuff it maybe somebody else's hand cough so you're just kind of you know hoping for that lottery ticket just sometimes don't be able you're not able to cash totally David Johnson is the best example now he got dropped out last year makes up for sure for sure and you know I I I think I'm only willing to hold on to a guy if I feel very confident that if the starting money back on that team gets hurt that this guy's going to be really good and I'm pretty confident that in Madison I'm really not and I I feel like I'm in the minority here Jamie but I'm really not with justice hill I actually think I said words gets a bigger boost then hill I could get a boost but I just don't see them like turning the offense over to justice so if if Inger more to get her. yeah no I I I I could see it I I think though there's also a better chance of justice still playing before Gus Edwards you know in tandem with marking yeah it's like you know him as more valuable now. yeah I don't think he gets the boost that Madison or Pollard would get if the starter gets hurt. stop potential you know it's hard to say it could be a situation where. you know he's the better of the two even though he's not getting the the lead carries just because he's really fast really good get a lot of catches yeah okay yeah a five five two one two four two two seven Darius is in Saint Louis got a QB question a Darius. the owners could you back again on the radio on a quarterback. glassdoor Kerr Clinton's and home versus the falcons or Josh Allen on the road at the jets have a good one. yeah I I go with Josh Alan I I may be in the minority there just because I I I think look. cousins at home could be good obviously the receiving corps is great. but I I've seen Kirk cousins in big spots before did not say this is a big spot but it's a good team you know a lot of people will look at the falcons defense to say while they were so miserable last year that's not the case they had so many guys that are banged up specifically there two best guys and the odds on the canon Neil so I think they're gonna make things tough on this Vikings offense I think conversely Josh down you know the the pass rush and there's not many that passes but the front seven for the the the front defensive line for the jets is gonna be great but I think Alan can exploit the second a little bit with you know what they're dealing with in terms of misery some experience so I like that sounds bottle better let's go to Benjamin in Toronto Benjamin you're on eye on fantasy football. eight thanks I am young guys that to really quick questions number one from my flex as a standard league Czecho Sony Michelle or click any dollar day and then the other question is in a half PBR transceiver abi Anderson assuming he plays for dish on Jackson or Donte Moncrief either of those two. yeah I like the sun Jackson this week I think it's a good set up form you know if you buy into the revenge game narrative you know he he did once upon a time play for Washington plus you know it's always a chance to you know show off the shiny new toy you get a chance to in a home game so I like that set up to the first by the question was what I for a Sony shower gallon a non PPR. I'm a selfish I'm really into that the Shawn Jackson revenge game storyline like I I don't own any leagues but I do think I need to get a minute DFS lineup or two or three I'm into it I could see it what upside there Sir Greg in Houston Greg what's going on your own I on fantasy football with the fellas. right in the P. P. Yardley. all of you for that would you drop the button for Daniel petted. or would you pick up the charges the front because I have the the Zakk Wylde fun again Casey I can also job now had the Amazon daily on. I went out they'll Henderson I I keep the Jack or the I would be surprised the Jack words get some sacks on passion homes may be turned over to you know I I I think it's going to be not a great passion home game you know they they did a decent job against him last year grant the still threw for three hundred yards he ran for a score but it was his worst game statistically you know just given his fantasy production so I think this deep it's actually better especially in their building so if you don't want to make a transaction you know and and it seems like you have a lot of good players there then I think you you know you just keep keep the Jaguars and and see what happens that the thing about the Chargers is you know they without their when James and I think the defense is is good so let's talk about this chiefs Jaguars game and what do you expect because I at last week a week ago somebody called and said would you start the mark Jackson over passion homes and I said yes I would and I've been sick about his whole week but because he threw for over three hundred yards gets jaguar's you just get an interception at a rushing touchdown yet I think twelve or fifteen fantasy points fifteen with his worst game of the season I love the fact that it's in Jackson for the Jaguars defense I love that it's in Jacksonville I love that it's weak one I love that they're hopeful right now you know like you're not being up on a team late in the year that's got nothing to play for like Derrick Henry did when he rushed for two hundred something yards I'm nervous about my chiefs I wouldn't sit my homes unless I had like a like a wonder of of three guys maybe but but what your overall take on that game and what you expect. I mean I you know I am I have them and I I've had all week long back to back with more Jackson custom homes with homes one spot ahead just because the upside for him is still I think a little bit better if things go well but the match up is in Lamar Jackson's favor yeah I'm with you I I think everything you said is accurate it's it's going to be I I I think a little bit of a tough sled tough sledding for the chiefs guys you know Kelsey went for a hundred against them I think that's the spot that he wins tie retail against dealing Ramsey note that they'll be creative to get him the ball space so he'll scape Ramsey a little bit I think you know what you got from him in that game last year which was about a total yards is is safe you know sixty receiving yards twenty rushing yards though like I said they'll they'll be creative with it you know my my homes if if you say three hundred yards that means he's he's done enough to give himself the chance to find the end zone so I think I'll still find two touchdowns but I also think like I said I think you could be three hundred two into and I think they can turn over a little bit this is gonna be a better Jaguars defense than it was last year maybe better than it was two years ago which is saying a lot you know adding Josh Alan you know having I think about a year from doc way clay's Campbell that those are three very good pass rushers you know miles Jack I think we'll have a better year I think some of the guys the secondary as well so I I think.

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