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No, I said about chicken and how there's not enough chicken to go around. Yeah, guys, we are so consumed in so concerned about a normal everyday lives at keeping up with the Joneses that we are not watching. It's in the produce section. The government doesn't have enough peppers to supply the whole entire country because we have we have enough peppers. Now the crops are on fire and we're losing farmers. So many things happening where hypocrites. They burning burning peppers day, not growing enough pepper. So now the government is now mass producing tie-dye colored pepper. What were the pepper on fire? Are those the hot peppers? No, that's that's Let's just just. there's not enough peppers to supply the United States of America so they are now making peppers in secret factories across the country overnight. Yes, they are during no during no secret pepper factories, Greg. We think that it's creative and colorful. Are they printing them with a three d. printer? How are they making them? Those are real peppers. It's almost as if something went wrong with the pepper now. And now we have tied, I colored peppers. Now I'll go. Got more last one. The music again. My ask you, Elvis Duran you do a lot of cooking. Elvis Duran. What color are tomatoes will they come in different colors, yellow red since when because. Since way before we were ever born there, different, there were different types of different strains of tomato. Tommy tomato, discovered the tomato back in like seventeen, whatever Tommy today. Red, everybody knows tomatoes around when kids who'll show them because they colored tomato, red, yellow tomatoes. I had different purple tomatoes, they have. I give you exhibit b. this is a box a box of little baby. Tomatoes. There are purple ones, yellow ones, green ones, red ones are Inge ones. Even the tomato now is different. No, there's no need to have colorful. Tomatoes does not enough because you grew up in a war. We've never saw different tomatoes, doesn't mean they don't exist. It's true. Elvis, think about this. The The saints. saints, we have colored tomatoes. You guys are all thinking, oh, that so creative. I'm gonna one step everybody and have a tomatoes nervous. Have you heard of that movie fried green tomatoes, always been green maters forever. The government is making stuff, and we are laughing about it because all we care about his taking your kids to soccer practice. About. Colors, water peppers. Tomatoes. Grateful Dead break that pepper. Line to talk to Brady, who's here to educate us on vegetables high Brady. How are you. The going. He's out of his mind. Share a little bit of what my grandma told me about these bell peppers and why? The different colors. Sure. They're only different colors are in different stages of their lives when they're different stages of their ripeness. So when they're just growing, they're green. And then that's where you know? Yes, green bell peppers and the further along in their lives, the different colors they turn and then that you know, that's the different stages they pick on that now. Now. The thing about a wanting to Medo pitting or rotten pepper or picking pepper early on talking about a made to eat pepper. That is tied. I colored now. Okay, yellow orange, and red. You could find it in your supermarket. These beautiful. By the way you're right there. Look hopeful. Brady, you know, there are different colors of almost every vegetable, hey, it comes in different colors. They're not just all of them. Yeah, you know, bro. I'm so sorry that you're listening to this. Brady try. Scary. I, hey, Greg t purple potato over the weekend. Okay. I believe in. Was it all? I'm trying to say that when I come on the radio yell about these things that government knows that you guys are gonna laugh at me and think that I'm crazy. Because they calculate that these people are going to complain and you're not gonna, believe them. So they put them in your grocery stores, and then you go and nobody stops to think, why are they different colors? Nobody's thinking about this. When when you say the government, are you blaming the FTA, the food, Drug administration, they're all listed. They are having these factories in places we can't get to and they are making them and then supplying them or. We've got to take a break, poor, poor, great this, and it doesn't stop there. Please. I'm gonna find more things. Did you found canned milk the other day? I.

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Elvis Duran, Brady, Tommy Tomato discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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