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What we're gonna do on safety going forward. So I am sorry that we apologize to the families have been affected. He says the public must be confident in the safety of his company's products and regret losing that. Trust Charlie Harger. Komo news humpback whale, hit by ferry. Then seen bleeding is. Most likely dead. At least according to one expert, John Kalemba Keita's with Cascadia research, who studies ship strikes as a whale hit by vessel traveling more than ten knots, usually, doesn't survive. The ferry was going at least sixteen cover part of the problem is we know that in the majority of cases that whales or struck and killed by ship. It goes document passengers on the Seattle Bainbridge island ferry reported seeing the humpback, whale bleeding before disappeared state ferries says the crew didn't see the whale before. It was struck Tuesday night, Cascadia research used a photo to identify the whale as a humpback, a sixth case of measles is being reported in King County. The newest case involves a man in the choir area. Komo's Kelly Bleier reports the health department's warning people where they may have been exposed newest measles, case involves a man in his forties. He sought treatment at multi-culture indigo urging Karen Issaquah on the morning of Saturday may twenty fifth when he. Was contagious? Anyone who was there at that time may have been exposed? If you're vaccinated you are safe, if you're not, then you need to look for signs of illness with fever Arash for the next couple of weeks. This latest case was contracted from an earlier. Measles case who was eating at the hops and drops restaurant in Semaj on may ninth Kelly, Bleier, KOMO news, say about a community when its own police chief can't afford to live there. Former Governor Chris Gregoire says that's the case in Italy's two. Eastside cities. The Bellevue.

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