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They did a good job with their quarantines in in recent months, and they've shown up with really good numbers, 1.2%. Of the 3100 plus who were tested came back positive. So that means what 98.8%. Showed up negative. Really cool. Awesome. Awesome. Speaking of college sports Dennis Dodds going to join us in just about 10 minutes. The other big story that's bouncing around today. We've been covering it all week, The Washington NFL team and as of today, I will, I will, officially even in reference. I will. I am going to go totally cold turkey. I will refuse to use that name. I know Many people have been doing that for years, just in order for clarity and reference. There have been times where I've used the name. It has never made me comfortable. But today I get to officially never use it again. Because guess what? We're never going to use it again. What the Reds almost made the mistake there what the Washington football team came out and said today, led by owner Dan Snyder. They said that they're going to participate in a thorough review of the name. We all have it on very good authority. That review does not happen unless the name is changing. That has already come from Adam Schefter and others. So this name is about to change. I'm not going to spend any time wasting your time or mine with sports Radio. 101 What do you want The name to be? I will tell you one funny thing I saw, which came from the Harlem Globetrotters. They owned the name of their Traveling opponent, which is the Washington generals, and they've already offered Dan Snyder and the Washington football team today if you would like to purchase the name Washington generals We're open to it. We're open to it. And the only thing that would be good there for Snyder is that there's a ring to it like there's a recognizability across America already because I mean, all of us have gone to a Globetrotters. If had, haven't we? I've been Gosh, I've been at least three or four times I can remember. It was one of my birthday parties. When I was a kid. I've taken my kids. Now. A couple of times. It stands the test of time. So there's recognizability there. That might be interesting, but my senses Is that Dan Snyder is going to want to do something unique. There is something sad about this. There absolutely is something sad about this? There are a lot of people. Of course, who will continue to say I've got a A friend who's a Native American doesn't bother him or her. And you know, polling across the nation on this issue for years now has stated Oh, look, you know, there's a healthy portion of native Native American tribes who don't care. Doesn't matter. And here's why Listen to this. There is the National Congress of American Indians that came out with a statement today. They said that they have been working on this for 87 years. Quote. We are encouraged by the Washington NFL team's announcement that it will conduct a thorough review of the team's name. And mascot. This comes from a high president Fawn sharp, she says. This moment has been 87 years in the making, and we have reached this moment thanks to decades. Of tireless efforts by tribal leaders, advocates, citizens and partners to educate America about the origins and meaning of the R word. Now she's not wrong. Those efforts over the years by leaders advocate citizens. They have mattered. They will be remembered, but unfortunately it bums me out. And I mentioned this last night. It bums me out that Dan Snyder never got To this decision on his own. Or because it was the right thing to do or because it was, you know, kind. Kind. Kindness. Which is the most underrated thing in the world, and not as hard as we make it out to be. Because while we sit there, go tradition, and this name has been there for years. That's true. Um and it will change and in a couple of years Look totally forgetting. It'll be fine like it won't bother us anymore. How many of you listening know that The Washington Wizards used to be the Washington bullets. And nobody cares anymore. And no one will care about this either, even though people do care right now, but unfortunately This is less about the advocates, leaders and citizens and all of their efforts for 87 years. It's much more about money. As we know. Yesterday, Nike finally removed all of the apparel from its side Fed acts, which has paid over $200 million for naming rights at the stadium. Requested a name change politicians in Washington, D C, which is where Dan Snyder wants to move the team back inside the city limits right now, it's not They've all said you're not coming back in here with that name. Look at that. It took 24 hours. Think about it. Advocates, leaders and citizens. Rallied Pleaded spoke Educated for 87 years, Snyder did nothing. Nike takes apparel off the website, and it took 16 hours 68 hours. For the change to be made. Snyder has had opportunities over the years to be remembered as a good guy in this In the end, he will be the owner when it changes. But history will show that he was forced to do it and on Lee finances actually mattered to him that Is unfortunate, but I am at least glad that it's finally happening. All right. In a way, it can be ours The number we can absolutely chitchat about that. We're definitely gonna have a good shot coming up next, though Denis Dodd of CBS Sports all over the college football scene is coming up on the sports later. Mark Willard Podcasts are available now on Spotify by searching KNBR sports leader.

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