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Ever. West Ham Harry Kane telling one of the goals elsewhere, Leicester City remains in third place They miss a golden opportunity to pick up three points. We only get one after playing Brighton and Hove Albion to a scoreless draw King Power Stadium. Turning to Spain in my legal Barcelona takes a three point lead over Realmadrid in the league table to get a goal from Yvonne rocketed in the 71st minute in a one mil win over Athletic Bilbao at Cam No goalkeeper Marc Andre Care. Stephen claims his fifth straight clean sheets while also in Spain. Atletico Madrid's past Levante. One nil Turning to Italy A Copa Italia winter Napoli. They shut out Hellas Verona. To now. Daily Mail reports that Manchester United is waiting for the asking price to drop on Russia. Dorfman's Jane Sancho under £100 million before deciding the next move, Old Trafford, though still considered the heavy favorite to land the 20 year old over Ma'an City, Liverpool or rail Madrid, speaking a man city star Sergio Aguero, traveling to Barcelona to have further tests done after injuring his knee before halftime. In Monday's win over Burnley. Early skins do show damaged the needs. Some say the strike commits arrest this season. World's number one ranked Novak Djokovic says he and his wife have both tested positive for Corona virus after the 17th time Grand Slam winner played in an exhibition, Siri's and Serbian Croatia without observing social distancing 35 year old came under heavy criticism after video showed him partying and hugging other players. At a nightclub in Belgrade. The athletic reporting that the NHL's narrowed down the list of potential hub cities down to six with Pittsburgh in Dallas being eliminated earlier today, the cities are Edmondson, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, all vying to be one of the two locations, One for the Eastern One for the Western Conference, is that will ultimately choose will be chosen to host games. All N ba Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic has tested positive for Corona virus, but he is a symptomatic. I'm Dan Schwartzman, thatyou're Bloomberg World Sports Update. Juliet. You so much, Dad, Where will ever I'm working from home? There's a lot of fears about cyber security coming up. We're going to talk to the CEO.

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