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Cajole hawk line. Details at center ice to Kane. Over the line dropped the top of the right, circle shoots in and out of the glove Varlamov, and the will whack the puck off the ice and down ice into the hawk zone. Forsling back to get it. Passes up the left wing gusts in front of the penalty boxes at center ice, and he'll take the puck and drift back into the hawk zone with it then he hands it hit the strong just off the bat hawk line Cahoon over the AB line on the right wing. He flips the puck into the right wing corner. Went to get it. Now, it's down in front of the net. Strom guides it to the right point to Murphy down to the right corner. Debrincat now to Cody. Of shot by strong from the left circle hits the post he had an empty net to shoot at and hit the crossbar who's puck taken by Soderbergh at the Colorado blueline new puppet down ice into the hawk zone. Murphy back to get it as the hawks regroup her put it near corner. Kuku returns it the inboards over to Connor Murphy Murphy along the right boards. Now at the hawk blue line, spins the puck ahead Strom over the line on the left wing hands without the left corner. Senate through the crease this deflects out to the right point gusts down to get it to Alex debrincat along the right wing boards. Send it into the right wing corner. Landis. Got claims the puck for Colorado, and he'll send it up the left side to center ice gusts us and got back for the hawks to Kice Aveline left wing Senate across the rink for Chris Kunitz down the right wing side ends up in behind the net and the puck taken by graves. He Senate ahead conference center ice takes the puck in over the hawk blue line over skates for a second Justice and poke checked the puck away and then gusts us and runs into a check behind the hawk net. Lost the puck. There Marcus Krueger into health out your leaning on convert Gustafsen gone through the puck put it up the right side of Hayden clears the line, but not out Agostino kept alive there. Then lost the puck down the boards. And then Gusta sa- had it pulled away. Nice and Joseph in the hawk zone to the west wing corner. Lost the puck ac- fell down. Krueger, spins it up the right side for Hayden. He's pressed against divorce by coffer who then spins it down behind the hawk net around the near corner, Duncan Keith to get it. The teams are trying to get line changes keep between the circles hawk zone holding it there. There's hawks complete. There's. Keith moves it over along the right boards to Guston back to Duncan Keith hawk line left wing side, head to secure over the center, ice circle. You turns to flip it into the zone. Jidara takes the puck put it away the right boards, secure got to it. Spins the puck behind the net around up the near side, and then tried to pass into the high slot. He did Dora took the puck for their and fires at all the way down icing is going to be called here against Colorado. Circle to the left of Varlamov, FOX and a half..

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