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I hate pollution. You know and I like to see pollution taken care of but I don't like false information. I like you know the scare tactics of the world's coming to an end in twelve years and therefore we have to give up all our liberties that does that doesn't make take a whole lot of sense but right now the the new green deal The green new deal when they they're real they want spent trillions of dollars just just to distance eliminated anything that produce. Co Two that means and this is. This was meant to be a joke. But it's almost doing what the you know. We produce you C O two two. Yeah what they're talking about. You know euthanasia. I know more than they're totally nuts on on some of the boat wrote this whole thing. I saw some good report on this because I believed it and they said if you spent these trillions of dollars nobody knows how it probably wouldn't work work but let's say it. Did they spend five hundred dollars and they get rid of all the co two we would be so impoverished. I mean there could be hardly anything going on on but guess what we produce fifteen percent of the co two in the world and guess who produces all the rest or most of the rest in that is third world countries China Indian particular so if we destroy our industry where's ended industry go. Do you think they're gonNA stop and we'll we'll be able to fight a world war. You're and teach them how to control their environment distributes over and there's a massive increase in co two if they even even had the the more success they have here for cutting down industry and producing CEO to the more you if you do if you're successful. The more businesses are going to go to China and India no screaming all we need more sanctions. You know all that nonsense around around it goes but you know the we talk about that. We have a lot of good progressive allies and friends. And they're concerned about the environment and they're also antiwar so we understand that but there are a lot of people on the left who go on and on about environmentalism the left Authoritarians of but they won't say word about war. You know they don't was the very little look at someone like Al Gore. You know the big environmentalist. Well he presided over a lot. A lot of stuff as vice president the attack on Yugoslavia all kinds of bombings and sedan. No word about that you know. The the Pentagon is one of the biggest polluters lueders if you're against pollution if you're worried about. Co Two year should be focused on the Pentagon the Pentagon emissions. This is something I a statistic. I pulled up from two thousand one to two thousand seventeen the Pentagon emitted seven hundred sixty six million metric tons of co two million metric tons of CO two. But you know even if If you dealt with this in general and you worked we need less war because it'll be less pollution then there's a lot more to it than C o two since his that. That's a big controversy. But but think of the other benefits that come I'm from Agent Orange bombs dropping out of the sky and drones. Come out now. They're even talking about militarising space sort of you. You know. Pretty wild idea. That's going to cost a couple of dollars to and and I guess that'll be a limitation on what we can do because eventually We can't even afford to to keep people Find find a system that provides homes for poor people and living out on the streets. Because we've given up on the principles of liberty so that that's it's not going to be the solution and but there's a lot more to it than the military creating co two. These burn pits has a lot. They have medical products that they're burning and I asked somebody recently. who had been over there? They still you know it was. We knew more heard more about when activity when we were very react militarily. Oh no he he's they said that's garbage and they burn it still Still exposing our people to it because we have to supervise you know the these burn pits. Yeah here's a couple of other interesting things on the topic of the military pollution. The Dod Defense Department the largest oil consuming government body in the world case to do a lot four hundred thousand barrels of oil a day or consumed by the Pentagon in peacetime four hundred thousand barrels. That's that's equal to the entire energy consumption of Greece every day so the other thing. The army calculated it would burn twenty million gallons is a fuel in the first three weeks of combat in Iraq war to that equals the entire gasoline used by all of the allies in world. War Two just in those first three weeks in Iraq Iraq and the other thing that we have to put up with we. We shouldn't put up with him on purpose but to hypocrites you know. Do you mentioned Gore. He he has. He flies her on an end jet airplanes. What about what about Hollywood those individuals Preaching this and and you know maybe here and there have a good point but they lose all credibility because they don't follow it it's the same way with Policies that create homelessness and wiping out of the middle class and they They endorse the idea that you should have no border controls at all. But but then they're gated communities. That's not where the US go. There's such hypocrites you know that That should embarrass him but believe me. It doesn't embarrass them. They figure well we're obligated to take care of our sales and I don't know what their motivation is to destroy. Sometimes when I'm in a mood to give an excuse is just plain ignorance stupidity and not an understanding on the how freedom works and how the markets work and how important. It is to have individualism rather than collectivism activism. Collectivism is engulfing the world right. Now what we're doing this country is if you belong to a group you know you're you're not an individual you're part what about collective and that that to me is a real bad situation force absolutely well if you if you care about the environment like Dr Paul and I both do I see out there. Walking all the time you want to clean air. We all do fight war that that is a that is a destruction of the environment. The other thing that I would say this is the final final week to get. Are you worried about bankruptcy. We're all worried about bankruptcy. We'll dock Kepala. Got It all in his new many book. America's exceptional bankruptcy a week from today midnight on December ninth. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA end this promotion support the show support Ron Paul Institute and make make your tax deductible donation send you this as our gift as our thank you to you..

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