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And that's what you saw for. Marshon lattimore. So you saw him fade off of the off the cross or pass that off and then get back to the post. Route underthrown intercepted by Marshall. Lattimore really bad start for the offense bad start and bad game. For Carson Wentz. Just in that situation alone. Not confirming post nap that cornerback is a threat to drop back to that deep zone. Something that's been a common theme for him. Lately. Not confirming post nap in my opinion, anyway, but really slow start and for a team that really needed show some life in the first quarter. This was definitely not been. Yeah. It comes down to the fact like, you know, so he said are you Josh Adams screen call? And Carson Wentz. An interception down the field. Nelson Igor kind of not going to me that football. And you know, deep dropbacks in the pocket leading to sax on third and three right? We're gonna talk about that. By the way to go ahead. Right. Say, hey, here's the thing. Like, Mike Hourigan upset. During the game. So we were talking to each other. Because a everybody's very frustrated at heels are losing. And so everybody's just kind of wantonly critical. Just just have hazardously critical every play that has a poor result. Independent of how the results came to be right? Just poor poor analysis for process and it's frustrating when. Like beat reporters. Analysts who are relied upon to give good analysis kind of feed into the frenzy of obviously very upset. And and rightfully so fans that are upset with how the teams performing they feed into that negativity by just criticizing everything from from stem to stern criticizing play calls, despite the fact that they've liked play calls like that other circumstances had done. Well, criticizing wide receiver play in quarterback play. When it's. Oh, I it lacks like true depth of analysis. Whenever the moral of the story is this in my opinion. You can't lose to a team forty eight to seven unless literally everything is right. You can like you. You know, like, we, you know, I I'm sure you've got this going on right now. Mike, I people my mentions asking me I when we fired Peterson. I people ask me when we fired him shorts. People asking me if we cut Aguiar N Tate. So we can assign tyrel Williams. I people asking me on another go on a care member. Now where it's so weird because this team in this coaching staff is fairly close to the team in the coaching staff that wanna Super Bowl things have obviously not gotten right this season. Doesn't mean burn it all down, right? Wherever wherever you are listening to the pike s gentlemen, if I may impose upon you exercise think for a second about why it's so disappointing that the eagles are playing this poorly. The answer is because we've come to expect much. More from them. And why we come to expect much more for them because the data we have on the key players of this team includes a Super Bowl win includes a dominant twenty seventeen season. So the reason that they're such a strong instinct to say, you know, screw it like this is awful Yuna blow. It up is. Because we expected so much more. This is such a drastic is significant perilous drop off a huge delta between expectations and reality. It's how you get coaches who survive in thrive in mediocrity late Jason Garrett.

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