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All right alleged. Do this how are you. What the fuck what. The fuck buddies. What the puck knicks. What's happening. i'm marc maron. This is my podcast. Rest in peace. Larry king one of the great interviewers passed away a few days ago. We re posted my conversation with him which was a little tense at the beginning but then it eased into something kind of great. So if you're not familiar with larry in that way as wary talking about larry. It's it's a nice experience and we do that here at At the shop we re post the talks. I had with people who passed away in in memory of them. It's not something i like to do. But it's something i'm happy to do. And it also reminds me of my own life experience of where. I was what i was doing. Two thousand and thirteen driving to beverly hills to talk to larry king who is upset with me because we had gotten times crossed up. I thought i was on time. He thought i was weight. But it's It's it's a moment in time and you know he will be missed but no one can say he didn't live a full life. It's always sad when people pass but it's a little more understandable when their oldest fuck but Yeah today on the show. I talked to george wallace. The comedian probably seen him doing standup somewhere. Even if you don't watch a lot of stand up he's he's been doing it everywhere for decades and now he's got a renewed popularity because of his twitter feed. He's got a new book out called bull twit and whatnot and Yeah i've talked to him. Sort of amazing. I haven't talked to him yet. He's a guy that started in new york. He's one of these guys you know when he come up as a comedian when of the the things you deal with depending on the club if there's a club that's old club that's been around for a long time. There are a few comedy clubs that come to mind. Certainly the comedy store here in los angeles but like zanies in nashville where there's just hundreds of headshots of people from back in the day and as a young comic when you work these clubs there were more than back in the day road. Club's at Lasted through the eighties. That had been there since the beginning. And you just walk around looking at these pictures and you wonder like what the who's zach. What happened that guy to do a used to do a joke about that about the about the comedy store when he walked into the comedy stories. Just like hundreds of ed shots the the gallery of sadness where you you play the game. Whatever happened to that guy probably ended. Okay maybe not. But whatever. But i just remember george wallace's picture at the comic strip in new york another one of those places where it was just a strange black and white promotional shot of him as a preacher and i was wondering like what was that about so that was interesting to talk to him about about that. I don't know what's going to happen. None of us do. I know we feel better. Now that we've been released from this hostage situation from this fucking that we've had to go through this toxic brain fucking american fascistic swarm but i do think i have to acknowledge. I don't know about you. But because of what i've experienced over the last year with the the death of someone i loved and the general condition of plague and donald trump's presidency is. I believe that. I am experiencing some ptsd. And i think we all are. And i think it's ongoing. I think we've adapted to this isolating life or to this walk down life and whoever you know however many of you having to go to work every day and live in that the sort of fear of that hopefully many of you who who need who are vulnerable. Who are older. I'm getting the vaccine and feeling a little bit more safety but there is a ptsd that we're going to have to through. I think i don't know how. I don't know where this goes but i just hope you're taking care of yourself. I have begun a meditation practice. That i've been told that i should do for years but i've been doing it and i've added some yoga to it back in the day. Not too far back but in the last decade i used to do yoga once a week. Some hot flow. Yoga would joe at the hollywood. Ymca and i haven't done it in years. But i bought a nice matin. I've got it right next to my bag. It out of bed. I do a few sun. Salutations and then. I sit cross legged and i throw on the head space app and i don't know if that's i. It's weird because i listened to that guy. Okay take a few deep breaths breathing in the nose out through your mouth okay. He gives you a little pep talk. Some kind creativity is something we all want to do. But i can't quite do his voice. But i'm finding that the guided meditation thing. You know where you're supposed to if you have a thought you know don't get mad. Whatever get back to your body get back in your breath but you know he's talking by gets your point with guided meditation where you like. I was right there. And then you had. What tell me to count my breath. Count you breaths up to ten in and out one two three. Just pay attention. I was i was in it. I was right there. I do seem to get there after about ten minutes of him when he says time to open your eyes. I'm like i just got in it. And now i've been staying in a little longer again. Don't know what it does. I don't want don't know what it's for. I don't know why. But i'm doing it because it can't fucking hurt and god knows i have the time and the guy need to stretch because i'm compulsively exercising to maintain my sanity and i'm fifty seven fucking years old and i wake up and i feel like i'm broken. I feel like the entire machine needs fucking oil. I feel like oh my god. Is this the way it's going to be for the rest of it so the yoga's helping the breathing's helping it's all helping but it's weird isn't it man it's weird there's a a creeping sadness still isn't there but i do know this now is the perfect time to turn your best idea into a new website and you should do it with squarespace. You'll find what you need whether you're showcasing you work blogging and publishing content selling products.

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