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From the right person and you need to be very careful about who you let into your mind But once you find that right person. I think that that person can can massively elevate you can massively catapult you forward and significantly shorten the period of time. It takes you to reach your goals in. Hopefully i framed that question because halfway through. Hopefully you didn't take it as in such that. Of course you could be massively successful. And i feel like i have probably seen success myself. But i'm constantly seeking out people and recently joined a new mastermind which was which is amazing. Like guys in their elevating my mindset to new levels but also through books and reading rails principles again. I read it when it first came open just went right over my head and i'm like cool and now in reading it and i'm like dude. This guy has been in business for seventy plus years highly intelligent and i can download everything. That's in his mind into my mind is not two months and i'm just like i love the information internet age as long as you direct your focus on what is important to you and not get overwhelmed with all the information available to us. So that's where i was getting at. And i mean he. Gary gary such a legend. I'm sure it's unreal. No he called you at some point one of the ten best copywriters in the world's in pretty much every successful marketer. That i know i might have even got this up jason cap. Along time ago his longtime ago attended one of those little masterminds and it was just a copy copy copy. I'm damn. I felt like i'm going okay. Copywriter but let me just by every book on copywriting every course copywriting and it changed the direction of my business instantly and so you started with copying in. It's no doubt that you know how to work your way around a any market whereas facebook advertising webinars direct mail newspaper. It's all the same skill that you've cultivated and you've you've seen massive success with so it's really cool and it's super..

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