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I'm Lulu Garcia Navarro. Good morning. This our state capitals across the country are on high alert as we head into Inauguration week. We ask a former general who led troops in Iraq about the possibility of a homegrown insurgency and in the movie pieces of a woman a taboo subject gets the big screen treatment Vanessa Kirby on her excruciating birth scene. It was a bit of a scary one just because I've never given birth before myself, and I thought, If I got a second of this wrong, then the audience will be pulled out the film, and it will feel like a movie version of a birth. It's Sunday, January 17th 2021 Headlines are next Live from NPR NEWS. I'm Barbara Klein. President elect Joe Biden has unveiled an aggressive and ambitious agenda for his first days in office. NPR's Mara Liasson has details. No president has faced so many crises all at once on assuming office. Incoming chief of Staff Ron Claims says Biden will confront four overlapping crises, the pandemic, the recession, climate change and racial justice. And claim outlined a flurry of executive orders that Biden will sign right away on day. Two claims says Biden will issue orders to help safely reopen schools and in the first month he will unveil a second covert recovery package building on the $1.9 Trillion bill he laid out last week. There's a lot Biden could do himself through executive action. But to pass legislation through and evenly divided Senate, Biden will need the help of Republicans. And although business groups like the Chamber of Commerce have praised some of his proposals, it's not clear if Republicans are willing to work with the new president. Mara Liasson NPR news Los Angeles has passed a milestone in the number of covert 19 cases, headache. Lynn heard these reports. The county topped one million infections this weekend, according to state officials. Los Angeles County is the first in the U. S to have reach that figure, along with 253 more deaths reported Friday. The total number of fatalities Is now over. 13,000 also confirmed the county's first case of the more contagious be 117, the same variant first discovered in the UK, Although the new strain doesn't appear to be more virulent, officials say it is transmitted much more easily. Los Angeles Department of Public Health, said in a statement. The variant is likely already spreading in the community for NPR news. I'm heavy Lynn hurt. He's in Los Angeles. Nationwide. Johns Hopkins University is confirming more than 23,700,000 Corona virus infections. India launched its nationwide vaccination program this weekend, aiming to inject 300,000 people a day using a domestically made vaccine as well as the Oxford AstraZeneca drug. In neighboring Pakistan. A vaccine has been approved, but the BBC's Dilma give Oring reports Islamabad doesn't know where the doses will come from, does the underlying tension between India and Pakistan the fraught political relationship? At the moment. Pakistan's implying that it hasn't approached India about applies anyway. Therefore, my asking it look the possibility of Western countries. Perhaps there are other manufacturers, of course in other countries. But there's also the global vaccine alliance, which may help out there trying to give free doses for about 20% off populations in countries that need it. Pakistan should be on that list, but again, it won't meet all its needs on the timing of that isn't very clear. The BBC still recovering. This is NPR. The Bureau of Prisons says it has locked down all federal prison facilities around the country as a precaution following this month's insurrection at the U. S Capitol and ahead of possible violence at the inauguration Wednesday. NPR's Jason Slotkin reports. The announcement says the decision to not come from specific information or any significant event within a prison but was a precaution taken in light of current events occurring across the country. While the statement doesn't specify what those events are, the lockdown comes his law enforcement agencies nationwide take measures following the insurrection at the Capitol and over fears of violent inauguration protest. The agency, which runs 122 prisons, do not say how long the lockdown would last, but said that it would monitor events and it just operations as a situation evolved. Federal prisons had already been running under modified operations due to the cove in 19 pandemic. Jason Slotkin NPR news NASA's test fire yesterday of the four engines on the rocket that will launch a manned mission to the moon did not go as planned, or as hoped. The engines were to fire in unison for a little more than eight minutes the same amount of time it would take to send the rocket into space. NASA says the engine successfully ignited, but they shut down after a little more than a minute. They say teams are assessing the data. I'm Barbara Klein..

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