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Hello Michael Barr. And I'm Evan Novi Williams over the next hour. We you got me saying we've asked stepped out for a second over the next hour. We will explore the big money issues in the world of sports and talk to some of the biggest players in the industry. Evan. You know, Scott is a busy guy that we love him dearly. So he's going to come back later on. And he's going to be here for the interview as a talk with San Francisco, forty Niners President Al Guido, he'll be back for that interview. But he stepped out for a second. So we'll hand women just the two of us. Awesome. Looking forward to. First, let's get into this week's topics, and let's start with some unfortunate news involving original Wildcats basketball, coach, Shawn Miller. According to reports, he pay ten grand per month to de'andre eight. Yeah. It's this trial has caused basketball FBI trial continues this week in New York City, and I know we're harping on this. But to me, it's kind of a perfect encapsulation of where college sports the NCAA where they all exist right now. A couple of months ago a year ago. In fact, you know, last February came out reports that that Shawn Miller was paying Deandra Eytan. Right. He vehemently denied it. The school stood by him. He's still employed now over the course of this trial. We've had multiple different recordings in which people have said, Shawn Miller was paying de'andre Aiden, including most recently this week one of his former assistance book Richardson's, so this is beyond just Christian Dawkins the agent who the aspiring agent, this is one of Miller's own assistance on a wiretap talking about the ten thousand dollars per month that Shawn Miller was paying eight and it makes it begs the question. What point does air Zona step in here? Right. It's becoming less and less plausible that everyone around. This thing is lying about his involvement in that. He's the only one telling the truth. It really makes you wonder what more Arizona needs before they step in should add that this wiretap is from almost two years ago. Yeah. So this is a while ago. Oh, down eight and played just one year at Arizona them was the number one overall pick in the NBA draft and show. Miller's again, not the only coach involved here. Right. Will Wade the head coach at LSU was suspended for LSU's run through the NCAA tournament. He was reinstated recently because he has repeatedly denied any involvement in paying players. He is also, you know, his name comes up on these wiretaps as well as someone who is who had direct knowledge of payer players being paid. There was a good column in Yahoo recently about how you look at this trial, which is essentially exposing the ugly underbelly of college basketball. I hate to sound like Humphrey Bogart cast blanket about the schools. But all of a sudden there's gambling going on in this establishment. So I just wanted to really quickly. How much do you think the schools new about this? Yeah. I mean, I it seems clear to me that assistant coaches, obviously. And also head coaches were complicit in you know, what is, you know, a problem that goes a lot deeper I think than just the schools that we have known here. But again, it really makes you in this in these trials the schools are the victims, you know, and it becomes harder and harder to accept the fact that that that the schools are the victims, the more you understand that the people some of the highest paid or even in some cases, the highest paid employee at those schools has a hand in in in orchestrating. It'll another Downer of a story Hamill stop he was with the ATP. And now it looks like he is going to step down. Yeah. So this comes a week after he pled no contest to to felony battery charges from a pretty brutal violent assault last Halloween. He beat up a man his ex wife's friend in front of his pregnant, wife and his kids. It's not the first time that Justin has kind of run into some some violent accusations. But for people out there who don't know he's a former professional tennis player, he's not a huge name. But he's very influential in the tennis world. He was one of three player representatives on the board. He manages Lindsay Davenport. He's a, you know, a coach advisor to ATP player. John is ner. He has a production company called without limits that is still under contract with the ATP and USDA to create content for them. So he is an influential figure within the tennis world. He's also a tennis channel commentator one thing. I thought was interesting Michael we heard players speak out. I think for one of the first times the tennis world doesn't have a union. Oftentimes, it's rare to have players speaking out on issues like this moving on now to another happy topic major league baseball, and the attendance is down. This one. I do not understand. When was the last baseball game? You went to well messy. I was in Detroit. But I wanted to see the Tigers play but just to go out to the park spent a long time. Yeah. So you are rarity right now. Just just a USA today. Ran the numbers, and I'll give one to highlight at the San Francisco Giants one of the best teams in baseball over the past decade or so there everything seventeen percent fewer fans at games in March and April this year versus last year. We we've talked a bit on this show about this acusations that a lot fewer and fewer teams are trying to win and they have in the past. Well, if you look at the numbers right now, there may be something born out that fans are not as excited about a lot of these teams. Maybe they have been in years past up next on the show. Oh, look who's coming back. Just in time. Scott tonight, we will speak to the San Francisco forty Niners. President Al Guido about selling tickets bands in the XFL markets. There's no question in some of the markets one might argue that their saturated, and so we have to do a really good job thinking about our value proposition that straight ahead on Bloomberg business of sports. You can follow me on Twitter at big bar sports,.

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