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Mytalk one zero seven one, everything entertainment. Talking about parenting fails, this is coming off of an Instagram post from Adina Menzel who said that the tooth fairy had let her son down forgot all about him. He woke up to him crying, very very sad. Oh, good. She didn't we do have somebody on the line line three. Hello. Hi, missy. Ago my husband's grandma died, and we had the funeral and the luncheon. And then it was padded go to the cemetery and because he was appalled error and had to be there early. He drove separately. And then I drew I came later. Well, so we had two cars. And I thought he had my daughter, and I had the other two kids. And so I thought he had the middle child, and we get to the cemetery and were all gathered around the casket, and he's looking at me, and he sees only the two kids, and he says he mobs to me across all the crabby to me. Where's emmy? And I look at him. And I'm like, what are you? What do you do on? He looks at me. And he's we both realized we left our daughter at this funeral home. My son in law who is just about the sweetest guy in the world rush. He races back to the funeral home. I call them they say, oh, yeah. There's a little girl in one of the rooms and drying, and she's gonna be fine. She was completely oblivious that we were even gone. Oh my gosh. Amazing that. Yeah. So my son in law. I picked her up and drop, you know, picked her and she she she won't let us forget this. She still brings it up on occasion about the time that her horrible parents left. Right. A funeral home. Right. Yeah. One of my biggest parenting fails. Yep. Oh my gosh. Well, that could have been worse. It could have been much worse. It really could have also in a funeral home. That's not exactly, you know, a place where kids like I don't want to go play at the funeral home. Now. Sitting on a couch in the middle of an empty parlor room drawing. Wow. He got lucky. Did you say was your middle child might of course. This. That's redundant. Ever calling. Okay. Bye-bye? Thank you know. I think this might be more common than people think. I mean, he's you saw the story of mankato's. Right. It's on national news right now about the the baby fell out of the car. The car's wasn't. Yeah. Everybody's fine. But it wasn't completely buckled in and the parent was oblivious still driving on not even realizing that her care wasn't in the car anymore. Just terrible. Did she get her kid back? Did she do we know thing? So. Yeah. Okay. I'm pretty sure but gosh is tragic. My brother has been left by a school bus during a cross country. Meet everybody got back on the bus. I think he ran went to use the bathroom in high school and ended up being abandoned. Geez. Menial for your kid on top of the car. No, no, no. You.

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