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Best the lock limousine liberal, and and all the nice on the night sources than ice clients opens a great year for the team. Thank you. So. Every every expectation we'll talk Benko Burke, plenty this year and take a lesson. Young trainers and pick up that phone don't be shy. Don't be shy. He he taught you something here. Go ahead and reach out to those perspective clients, and you may find Jamie Roth in your in your grab bag you'd never know. The exactly then culvert folks follow you can follow Ben on on Twitter. Are you tweeting enough to be followed? Yeah. I need to probably get more active. My wife helped me out in that regard. My media from on that cuss for not quite I'm not old. But I'm not I'm not young hip enough to the Twitter. I need to need to follow puts them to help old old Voss v stuff remind because he seems quite quite the Twitter handle he couldn't he couldn't tweet it. That's all what's her name. That's all the daughter. He has a scene. I think there's like a social team that works for him. Yeah. Probably charlotte. Yeah. You probably Valerie is like that. You've gotta yes. Yeah. But. Definitely definitely had in in the Twitter sphere. Colebrook racing for those of you that want to follow Ben. And and thank him send him a bottle for for heels. Eighty seven dollar winter. Ben, always great. Thanks so much. Thank you. Be healthy. Ben Goldberg, let's break top of the hour. And when we come back, we've got a visit with Don little junior and have not talked Don for too long, centennial farm, of course. And me us looks like he's going to take them where they go on a regular basis, and that's the triple crown trail, Don little junior next..

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