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Oh, man. You guys. I am stoked. We have maybe I would say the most important guests that we've ever had on according to my parents, Hank. And Peggy also known as puppy blazes grandparents rate and Bailey, which is the their dog. Parents nailed it didn't even have to practice. I didn't even after practice. If you guys. Thank you. On being here on the show before. But never live. Right. Never know. We'll know women it was on a phone call, but never person. Yeah. Okay. We were on the scene. Our in the same room. So he can pick your here for the fourth of July extravaganza. Did just seem firework somewhere. Oh plan maybe an extravaganza that I didn't know I wasn't that. We can find one down but unbeknownst to them they arrived. I said guys with big plans on Saturday. We're going to court you each day. That's the fourth of July. Yeah. Now, how do you guys feel going into that me dragging to the beach? It's not unusual. We're used to being dragged into things. Have you had much experiences with corgis? We have not found any experience. And we're and we're going to team big dog. So I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay. All the covert team picked up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Not many of us. But those of us that we are. Team. You're still going to accept the court. Yeah. If it's a dog, and he like, we're like real Rogers. We never met a dog. We didn't like. Unless it snapping at us. Yeah. Hank is responsible for the Kennedy pitcher dog element. We will Icees family. There's just kind of an understanding if there's a dog, we all know that dinners postponed for fifteen all take turns petting that dog too. Did you have a lot of cute ways that you introduce dogs one of my favorite is that your bodyguard? Oh, yes. Especially if it's a little one. It's really kind of fun is when you're walking down the street and somebody's got a little dog, and you go. Hey, got your bodyguard with you. See that looks good. To be above. What are you going to be walking this weekend? Thanking him say that. Well, she knows it already. We'll confide you. We were maybe hoping that you guys could give some updates on people. As and Bailey. Yeah, how they doing. You wanna go with puppy blaze? I that people as is doing great get big much puppy anymore. It evil now. Well, he's probably getting pretty close here yet. So, but he's probably getting pretty close to being full grown. Right. We hear from his mom Tiffany that. She took him on a run, and that he stayed with her, and he acknowledged the other dogs pretty much so pretty much pretty much. He is he is still a puppy. He's doing well. He loves playing with baileigh. Probably a little more than Bailey likes playing with. Because he likes to jump on top of. And she's not exactly a fan of that. And we also seen some photos of puppy. Please not quite being where you're supposed to be table. He stayed at our house for while at my walk, and he was in my kitchen sink and. And. Because he can't. He could jump that high. And he he can get there. He was on top of their little outdoor picnic table that other deck just just scout. Vice I'm supposed to be here. And if you haven't followed the tale of puppy, blaze. He is a Visha puppy. They're known as velcro Visha also have constant energy. But I'm curious because you keep it pretty immaculate kitchen..

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