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She. was whereas radio was the bad radio show in layer. Cal. Paid for on that man right there people. Own Me. Crazy. And Him. Walking in the Ray. WHO This thing about that junior Oh, you know that one yeah. Me Say that's more around me but getting here. Richard Empathy. I hated she'll get papers on. Really. Hated that you didn't like it because of the song or because of his voice because of the now. I found out hoc- Daddy I hate. US. Realty you. Struggle was real. Tidgy to somebody finally got some papers. Kid Okay. So. What did you do? You just never played it What happened? With Pam this is tragic. To anywhere to save a song this revelation she had him. So to junior. Again. 'cause knows but does it guided tour bus Josie. All right then. Took them. I. He wrote that for Jodi. Levin. Now. You GotTa Junior. Coming up at the top of the hour we'll have some entertainment news in our national news update with. Trip right after this, you're listening to David. Harvey morning. Show. I've got great school questions and a million dollars to give away. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Let's go. Get. Ready. One of the most popular game shows up all time is coming to audio as a podcast. It's the easiest game show on the planet. All these grownups have to do is answer grade school level questions and prove that they are smarter than a fifth grader arrests in your hopes. If you're wrong on somebody whose hands probably smell like Plato. The. Easiest Tom. Top one funniest. And most embarrassing game show. Greater you smarter than a fifth grader, listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Pink. Dr Trays wife is not getting divorced without a fight. She's my new hero. Because she's challenging their prenup and one billion dollars I said billion with a B. is on the line Nicole young filed legal dunk contained by TMZ in which she stated. The Dr Dre is now worth a billion dollars than before they tied the knot she was extremely reluctant and felt pressured to sign the prenup. She said two years into the marriage. Dr. Drey told her he was ashamed for pressuring her to sign it and he tour. Multiple copies of their pre nup in front of her, what do you think about that Steve? You'd think this is going to hold up in court. What do you think auto might get New People's personal business its own mind. What we're going to talk about this bill you know. What it's about? Damn show habit. Large part of their buildings is going to be with a lawyer. I've lost so many times he. Just chain see him winning I don't know and get wins and. Now I'm pulling for you day but. I'm pulling for this. Back. Onto. Now. because. They not gonNA take this man's power from him. Okay. That's out question. But you but five hundred million dollars is a lot of money. No, they hit them half. Your work. Nobody. Hey. Look. How many lyrics she? Right. Asks. Okay. Man for Real Lago Mix. So see all right got to work again. All right. Okay. All Right, twenty million. All right. No I mean. I'm not. GonNa. You know. Where they get sniffing being. I say have. Used to twenty. We go into court Bob WanNa, add check USC. Wouldn't turn my nose up at it. That's. I think I. Think what they'll do is they'll reach some type of settlement. But. It depends on what are prenups too. I think half it's very fair now Hafez No. We can all have our different opinions. Two hours. Got This same. Yours. And Yours only pay. Racist towards me. No know no, no no, you very, very bigoted. And matter of fact, Shirley, strawberry you're racist towards black men. As trouble, you won't Hey. Look He. She helped him build his empire Shane Burke in with you don't discount her like she didn't contributor on. No I'm not discounting does. Mother, his kids is true. Q.. County system and. They've been together forever. It's just going to be some type of settlement challenge it. Signed, a settlement is not hey if it don't matter Matt about pre-nup, Jim. All anything wash you come to court. You can argue anything. Now what happens is they bring up stuff in court to help you see a way out of this pre no right and I'm going to be some type of sediment because some stuff can get saying just to enter I'm ought legal. Just. Legal fees paid as well. Thank you. Twenty two. Thank you. Thank you. We're moving on. Thank. You guys, We're GONNA check you. Feel This. Mystery wrote this right here reasoning. Disrespectful right there. Sure. Side with Shirley strawberry that's right. Okay. This is Antropov News. A massive explosion shook the Lebanese capital Beirut yesterday was horrible killing at least one hundred people injuring over four thousand other people that caused widespread damage across much of the city much to say looks leveled like from a bomb in fact, civil hospitals were so damaged doctors was seen ministering to the injured on the streets local authorities say the blast took place Beirut's port where some highly explosive materials were improperly stored of an official. Say might also have been an attack. The cleanup.

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