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Hi there this is charlie hedges. And you're listening to the next with charlie and my very special guests. Today's jaime lerner A woman who is a therapist adventurer pleasure seeker and a cute devil tae of self care. And that's exactly what we're talking about. And and i think she has so much teaches that i've learned so much from jamie and jimmy. We've talked about a bit about personal responsibility. And that letting other people know not expecting other people to somehow somehow be able to read our minds in our souls and understand what we need. We need to articulate that. What other kinds of personal responsibility you know. We're talking about our own personal responsibility and our self care. How can i take responsibility for myself. Do you have any examples of that for me now. I think that away are rewarded in society. Forbidden since Mainstream media that. They reminded us every moment. That's come we are the victim of everything. We have no control so for me. I always suggest to people to turn off the television and to Find a new source. That is a little more emotionally intelligent. That will allow us to feel good when you're done breathing. You're listening to or watching in fetter feeling paralleling cars. We have to take personal responsibility for what we are chasing to consume and hall. We will fail one way or done firmly cloud video. You know that's brilliant. You know is that we have to take responsibility for what we consume in our media. And and i find pretty much nothing but danger when not not just. Tv in general but for me. It's tv news and tv news. You know their their purpose is to stir up controversy in stirrup. Stir up resentment and anger and that victim mentality is just. It is so common on on and it's and it's in it's not one political side or the other it's all it is just so unhealthy because it doesn't teach self responsibility. It doesn't teach being rewarded for not for being victim but be rewarded for being a personal herself hero. And do you agree with that. I do agree with that. But also what's more important how you feel after you continue that because if you are not killing. Us clue for gale. It's not working on. Most people really feel terrible. They tell so soft and shutdown and the opposite of empowers the peel very different politics so there are many other choices but one could make in terms of how they were gonna get there do of the game and if our personal responsibility to be more discern institute something that allows us to that what we need an move.

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