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Northville family of five on the way back home. After a vacation in Florida. They should be at home today. Just waking up talking about their fun vacation. Instead, they're all dead. They were hit by a drunk driver. In Kentucky services are planned here. Schools are responding. And then they community is in shock. Many people have shown up at the Islamic center in Dearborn. We don't know how to feel with how express it it is. Doc. Us by surprise. See? This is not only for us now for the family. It's for the whole community. And for the humanity to anybody. Can hit about this tragedy? He's going to feel it is tation for the family is tonight at the Islamic center in Dearborn. The funeral is tomorrow. Forty two year old Issam Abbass an attorney and developer thirty eight year old Reema Abbass, Dr Abaza family physician with the Beaumont health system there. Three children fourteen year old Ali thirteen year old Isabella and seven year old Giselle Obas all killed police say the driver of the pickup that smashed into the families SUV was Forty-one-year-old Joey Bailey of Georgetown, Kentucky, he entered northbound I seventy five going in the wrong direction. He was believed to be drunk, and he's dead to the family was involved in many community activities and their family helped establish the mosque and the Islamic centre Ali and Isabella went to the hillside school Giselle attended Amerman school in the north Bill district. The district is ready to offer counseling to the children. The district says it's making plans to recognize an honor the lives of the Abbass children. The war of the wall. President Trump is considering an executive order to declare a national emergency to push through funding to build the border wall. Here's correspondent Laura FOX with her interpretation. Clearing, a national emergency could allow the president to bypass congress and use military funding to build the wall. But Democrats insist this move would be challenged in court. The Chinese foreign ministry says China and the US want to work together on trade correspondent Matt rivers says that who size are holding face-to-face talks for the first time in a trade war is hurting China's economy, and that is true. That said there's a lot of stock market volatility in the United States right now, there's a little bit of pessimism about the US economy going into twenty nine thousand nine now that we're past the new year. So what you see is maybe some hope for a deal in that both sides might have a little bit more incentive giving economic situation on both sides navy both sides want to come to a deal more. So than they did the last time they talked over. However, here's the story that probably. Is the most important thing happening in China today? It's tesla tesla has begun building. It's Shanghai, gigafactory, as they're calling an Elon Musk was the man breaking the ground there. The company aims to start production of the tesla model three the cheapest tesla model at the end of the year. This is the biggest foreign manufacturing project in the history of Shanghai Shanghai has a lot of manufacturing there. For example. General Motors has a giant Shanghai RND development center there. Tesla plans to make two hundred fifty thousand cars a year in that factory. And eventually tesla says they want to increase its capacity to five hundred thousand vehicles that would be five times the number of vehicles the company currently produces in the US. So this would make tesla basically a Chinese manufacturing company. Washington is trying to reassure allies that the US will be methodical. Now the words be slower about withdrawing troops from Syria. The work week begins at the new York Stock Exchange. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum. Says that large swings apparently are here to stay for the time being news time six thirty four. Here's Shawn baligian. Sports. Well, good morning. Good morning. Everybody the wings fall to the to the defending Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals yesterday. At Little Caesars arena by a score of three two two wings are back in action Tuesday night when the haves come to town, the Montreal Canadians. Meanwhile, pistons they're going to be occupying Little Caesars arena tonight when they host the San Antonio, Spurs Michigan knocks off Indiana in college basketball, seventy four to sixty three over age of fifteen know any two-way tie between Michigan and Michigan state in the big ten. And of course, college football season comes to an end tonight. Eight o'clock, it's the college football national championship between Alabama. And Clemson, I'm Sean believe seven sixty WJR sports traffic, and this is the era.

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