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Where all the counting is going to be your tabulated and in all the talk is counting is going to be displayed on big screens tonight see first name is when I see you and Eric Berman together barn storming the state of Iowa it kind of reminds me of the movie the dirt about motley Crue when you guys come to town lock up the daughters lock up it's going to be a rock show and that's what I'm visualizing you in there Berman doing and I want to lock up the corn Hey Chris do remind people it might not be following too closely what is the Iowa caucus and and why it's it's important carcasses the absolute first race for president in the United States and it's important to people because of the traditionally been a really good indicator of who the presidential nominee will be especially on the Democrat side more so on the Democrat side in the Republican side you know if you go back to the Clintons Al Gore Jimmy Carter even those those guys were all predicted by the they're getting the nomination in Iowa Hey some of these candidates are tied up with the impeachment out in DC does that work against them at all you know I don't know if it really hurts them because none of the major candidates are doing any major campaign today they mostly finished up with that yesterday you know they have some of the minor candidates doing what Eric was calling this morning the the breakfast circuit of the coffee house circuit they were you know and we're talking about some really minor candidates go around and just talk to the people of coffee houses the judge for instance you know one of the major candidates kind of wrapped up of what he was doing yesterday with two rallies that we were able to attend and beyond that he laid low today and I guess I I mean yeah Bernie is leading in the polls right now so it hasn't really affected him the fact that he hasn't been able to be there as much as he wanted yeah and Bernie's been leading in the polls are you have Bernie Sanders generally around twenty seven percent Jill Biden a couple holes had a man around twenty five and people to judge depending on which poll you reach sixteen to twenty one percent in that range and then Elizabeth Warren behind the judge in the single digits Chris Chris Davis our news director here ninety three W. I. B. C. hammer here you have been kind of following may you repeat former mayor Pete around Iowa what kind of the feel you have from the folks in Iowa about his chances here is their bus how were his crowd sizes when he's doing these events you were always yesterday okay so the first one that we stopped at imagine you're gonna margin I await your this is what your manager of field covered with snow and in the middle of the field is the town Coralville and in the middle of that small town is middle school with about two thousand people packed into the gym the toria and that's where mayor Pete was yesterday and the crowd was pretty good but then when he went to the mall and after that to Lincoln High School that crowd was even bigger and more amped up in I'll say that the people who were there in the crowd that I spoke to yesterday in Coralville Iowa city work most of them already have their minds made up they had already learning about the judge since last year and so it it's not like the crowds were a whole bunch of people who were undecided they they already knew they had reasons that they were going for polluted judge and one of those reasons by the way speaking with a couple of people he is considered a moderate by people in Iowa who supported the guy that wants to get rid of the electoral college is the model that's going to make sure that we're all on the same page here well you don't remember birch but I was considered a moderate to and he also wanted to get rid of the electoral college way back in the day Hey Chris okay I mention clover jar earlier I I'd seen her kind of surging a little bit does she have the most to lose here you think this this Monday night well you know I I don't know about the most to lose because anybody who is not in that top three if it's looking a lot more grim for them and called the charge definitely not there here in Iowa we went to an event last night where she was supposed to be speaking at a Super Bowl party Superbowl watch party Mister Berman when inside that women he said that there was somebody trying to rouse the crowd it was it was kind of difficult and it wasn't a big place to begin with and that was where you know a lot of the club which are supporters were here in the morning show in may you know you could may maybe see that as a Harvard man with all due respect to our esteemed colleague in our good friend Eric Berman I know he's covering this for work but is there a worst way to spend Superbowl Sunday being whipped up into a frenzy buy a clover char staffer my god does that you know what we ended up doing we ended up going to a restaurant with the same name just a different location and sitting down and eating Cajun including barbecue and watching the Superbowl there the whole I mean there I guess no worse ways to spend the Sunday but yeah unless I'm getting paid I'm not spending my my Superbowl Sunday in a small bingo hall twenty for Amy closure to come in there and start cracking skulls and lastly here before we let you go if Elizabeth Warren does not have a good showing in if she ends up behind Pete booted Jed's all we talk about life support for that campaign well if you'd ever talking about single digits year we're talking about probably force and she would have to do very well in some other early states in order to keep her campaign you said life support you have to keep it to keep it going where she can justify you know continuing to pay people yes you would have to do very well in those other early states Davis news director here ninety three W. I. B. C. getting ready for the big Iowa caucuses tonight what kind of coverage can we expect to throughout the evening from ninety three W. I. B. C. well of course you'll be able to see your exactly what's happening with the caucuses as they get out of the first and second alignments counted so you'll hear you'll hear audio from that and you'll also hear what goes on at the caucuses Chris Davis ninety three W. I. B. C. R..

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