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And on the phone with us well. You got senator. Alphonse d'amato one of the smartest guys. I know in new york and one of the smartest senators we have had. I'll fox d'amato is going on in our country. Who's in charge. That's the problem. I think it's a president who has been Subverted by his own advisers and those advisers who have warned him about what might take place up. Didn't to you know they're not going to say publicly you know. We warned you about x. y. z. They're just not going to do that but There sources of web indicated that the president was advised that this was not the right way in which to pull our troops out and it wasn't the right thing to make this announcement And that's just set this time limit when we weren't prepared Pen to announce the way he did and then try to cover up and blame it on. President trump. Oh i had to do this. You know president trump he. He's he's started this. A lot of nine cents be repealed just about everything. Trump inactive. Got a mess action. We a missing in afghanistan. We took aniston. And all the valuable minerals handed. It over to china we. We close the pipeline in the united states and gave it to reopen and we open the pipeline from russia to germany. So this business is a poor excuse for a for horrific president action. Worst president that the mike coming in from the from the rio grande and a lot of them have love it and nobody's checking them and would destroy them all over the country and as many as twenty five percent of them Test positive for covert from anywhere from fifteen at minimum twenty five percent. They have two hundred thousand people in in one month Come over it is incredible. And then you distribute them as you say john throughout the country and we have this pandemic but all we have to have an open border we take people in and let me tell you. The worst is yet the you touched on. Look what our allies on now saying..

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