Atlanta, Hamilton, Yarbrough Richard Petty discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1983 Coca-Cola 500


Number one position to leading bennie parsons in joe run he told us yesterday that you can make up a lot of this did some speed on this race track if you're willing to risk a little bit in the corners and drive the car awfully hard they're gonna drive where you can get on the with a short that's right away from that they turned my we have if you really hall who ignore you make of them sometimes you're in a thorn of is going to go edge managed the you're gon go that this but atlanta you can also of our remnant corner to pick up a little bit of hamilton before the better hustle because the field is coming after him years neal bottom back to the stripe again to put another lap on the board to sixty four complete of the three twenty eight that make up the distance right now the analysts but belied between the leader in the rest of the field back in turn to joe rapid is there like a pesky i thought behind bennett plan they shouldn't get est like they are closing in on the all time the back to where you talk about strategy you talk about handling into the end of the bargain always comes down with three point you got eight i've got their leading all one another everyone i want to get to the czech replied feel back in turnover four and they had a lot of times with a driver like calle yarbrough richard petty has been of his business a long time know they still have plenty of time to get it done and the left post route runner scouting use up their went one of these final laughs back to play rule out of it was more to do that was one of the ground a couple of you know the rest of the way nothing that maybe not and more number nine to pick brooks them build elliot definitely will try on jrue if one gambles they almost all have to gamble because if you get you automatically lose a race bottom still in front parsons ride to the number two spot is about the marlies back there back and one right now what drivers but driving is not out all afternoon closing in on a leaders not ready baker of the would rather not only it's about that right right right but not the down the number.

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