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Transmitting some of the facts about the krona buyers that's not. That's not cutting it. In so each of us would present it with kind of this kind of information we respond very differently than sort of adolescent minor young adult mind where you feel invincible while then you're going to act invisible and I think a lot of us would have memories of that when we were younger to. Hopefully got through data maturity without hurting ourselves or or somebody else. But in answer your question how to talk to younger people well, it's tricky in general the science around sort of childhood developments. Latest thinking is that you basically are just very straightforward with younger people than you to speak plainly about the facts of life including death you don't use euphemisms because they can be so confusing. And scary for kids. So just plain talk. Kids are very smart whether it's they've already experienced death from their goldfish or from someone in their class or watching the news or through video games one way or another they they already know probably more than most of US imagine. So speaking plainly to them is the idea in I. Think I think the sense here is, yes. Death is a part of life it can come from it can come suddenly or can gradually we never really know and it's something that we humans have learned to live with knowledge in. Really there's a developmental opportunity for young kids to rope this this fact into their developing mind into the way they think. and. That's that's the opportunity here. I think my generation in a and others experience a lot of of obfuscation in we had to revisit the facts of life. As adults because they had been so obscured either food talking about them or from using a confusing language like euphemisms, etc.. Now deputies at young people can rope this into their field of view as at at a young age in a non depressive. And more constructive way. Our nobody told me conversation continues in just a minute after we tell you about better help online counseling. You know you're not alone if in these times.

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