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Thank you to patrick malaysia as usual for joining us on tuesday's patrick beja what do you have going on in your life oh a bunch of fleeing splitter the thing that i think might be of interest to the listeners would be for example to show the philias club which i mentioned a little bit earlier it's impossible to spell soldiers go to french spin dot com and find it we actually did an episode with the tom this weekend where we talked about the good old days evidence it was just wasn't just tom and be it was also palo from south africa and turkey from saudi arabia and we talked about the ages of 19 would we were young and sort of remembered how good we had it hit her to all those young ins member stagflation and worrying if the hell's angels were going to run off the road those are the colonel days exactly and it was episode one hundred so it's never been a better time to get into the phillies club and it's at french spin dot com combined jurists talk about world war to win cold war i mean honest honest like like every episode affiliates club this one was knowing two exception in really getting some interesting perspectives on things from you and turkey and and follow south african perspective from paolo like it was just really really cool to be like oh i'd never thought of that never thought of that perspective so thank you for doing that show i think it's a great show uh thank you your to guide well we need you to keep being kind to us folks thanks to everybody who as has been continuing to support us in the myriad ways that you can uh unpatriotic word were down one hundred ninety seven patrons on the month because of the the reactions to the fee change we understand a lot of that has nothing to do with your thoughts on the show i in fact we've made up a lot of the money we lost from people switching a paper aisle and that's great i even though we don't have a really good way to provide the perks that patron allows us to provide through pay.

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