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Thirty eight long baths dot com soak up one thousand dollars in savings traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks right now all start out writing capitol beltway unimpeded in Maryland and Virginia's across should be bridges the pace is good major incidents are down on the Maryland side the ICC Maryland two hundred it is closed in the eastbound direction all weekend long they're doing toll work in is between lay hill road and New Hampshire avenues where you can rejoin the posted detour takes you north to nor back road you can go south listeners confirm to get the ball on offense it may be a shorter ride if you need ninety five from the capitol beltway through the Baltimore beltway no major issues reported their same holds true for the Baltimore Washington parkway in that stretch and the parkway runs well inside the beltway very quiet nothing currently reported on two ninety five we're checking on two ten the Indian Head highway earlier disable vehicle was north bound near Fort Washington road all delays of dissipated that is now gone they have a new crash however are maybe church activity but there are delays listener Saddam's got away road near temple hill road in steed roads watch for any delays impossible traffic control there and that can happen all throughout this morning a very lists locations across the Potomac into Virginia where interstate travel is also pretty light if you need sixty six catching it from Robson running all the way through front royal no major issues in either direction twenty eight is pretty quiet yes there are no work sons happening south down with the dew tour that was all yesterday morning ninety five in Maryland Virginia excuse be riding for Fredericksburg through Dumfries Springfield three ninety five the fourteenth street bridge the only thing we were looking for was south bound passing the prince William parkway in prince William county they were looking for metal debris along the left lane watch for any possible flashing lights were help doing that and you're in charge of hiring leading deeds customize screening tools help fine tune your short list so you can get moving on a other things on your to do list post your next job at indeed dot com slash higher married to pump the WB traffic one front is gonna be lifting through the area today can kick off may be a rain or snow shower it will be light and it'll be north of DC if we do see anything otherwise we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds today's establishes.

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