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Time only US price PARTICIPATION. Mayberry. Third party delivery prices may vary not fellow in the Congo 53 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three very busy holiday, as expected. They have most certainly is and trying to get back into Massachusetts. A tough ride up in May 95 South found locked up here. Wells, Maine, 15. Miles down into Kittery slow again. Port Smith, about eight miles getting down to the Hampton Toll Plaza. Over on 93 found big delays through Concord, New Hampshire, and then again approaching the hooks at toll Plaza down on the Cape Rich six westbound You're locked up here from Chase wrote in sandwich about eight miles getting to the saga. More bridge going to take about an hour and a half big delays over on route six day as well from sandwich getting over to the bridge in 28 North Bong. Locked up for about a mile approaching the board. Rotary 4 95 north Beyond delays in Middleborough route 15 getting up past route 44 24 north beyond brake lights, Stoughton Getting up to route 93 out to the west. The mass pike eastbound delays off route 84 here in Stourbridge getting in through that Charlton Service Plaza. Beyond that, you're back up to speed and looking pretty good all the way into Boston. This report. Sponsored by Mattress firm Get a King Bed for Queen Price at Mattress firm Save up to $500 during the best Labor Day sale ever on top rated brands like Silly and Sleepy's Plus, Get a free adjustable base when you spend 6 99 or more Kevin Brennan, WB's ease traffic on the threes. And now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast heading into your Labor Day afternoon. The folks that will have the best weather are the city, an immediate suburbs farther north and west. More clouds.

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