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I mean, I hope I'm not that out there. But I guess there's a lot of warnings now against vaginal scraping. Are you guys hearing about this? Doctors are not big fans of this. All right. Let me break this down. Melby? Now, if you're familiar with Melby Melby was on America's got talent. I don't know if she still on there. I had taught her while. She was also a former Spice Girl, I think she had dated Eddie Murphy. Also, I don't know that much about a lot more recent celebrities. I haven't been watching the award shows have I just haven't been up on that. I don't know why I need to be especially beat in the media. But just some of that stuff gotta bores me. But Melby a very very talented woman has revealed that she had the inside of her vagina scraped to remove all traces of her ex husband, Stephen Belafonte. She said, they scrape the inside of my vagina, she writes and put new tissue in. It's almost like a rape victim would deal essentially, you want to scrub yourself clean. Now. She said there's an interview with the guardian to promote a new memoir, brutally honest. This is a book in which she claims she was abused. Both physically and emotionally by her ex. Now, she's forty three years old, and she elaborated on this podcast Jesse whereas podcast. She said, I did a really rejuvenation. So I didn't get that done. But the procedure is very similar to what a woman would get done. What it was a bit like, and I say this, very candidly. But it's actually very important. She says a bit like a rape victim when you've been raped you want to scrub any remnants after body inside outside of that person. So you can just erase it. So she went to the doctor, Dr Matlock, and I said, I don't want to feel like the last person that was inside me was this monster. He said legally, there's nothing I can do about it. Because you don't need anything done. I said could he just go in there and get everything out, and then pack it with new fresh tissue. Now, I'm a little confused by that because we don't have vaginal tissue light around. That's just not something. We don't really do extensive grafting procedures on healthy people. However. There are vaginal rejuvenation procedures or karate that I guess people are doing. This opens up a lot of this question. What should we be doing? But why don't we break up with somebody? And I don't look at this as body mutilation. I get that there's this push to look younger, and there's a lot of cosmetic procedures now that are dealing with below the waist anatomy. There's labia plastic were women get, you know, part of the folds redone to look cosmetically. They the way they want them to do. And then this rejuvenation and how I guess this vaginal rejuvenation works. As the doctor gives us a laser. To start to destroy the tissue. That's supposed to stimulate new growth. And in the new growth process. They claim that you'll have more tightening of area rather than it being loose now in order for there to be tightening. You have to have skin loss. If you've ever had plastic surgery for something they remove skin, and then they pull parts of your skin together. It makes a tighter just like facelift so in order for anything like that to happen down blow waste tissue asked to be removed. Well, if we're not cutting tissue away, then you damage it with the laser, and then the resulting scarring well bring tissue together and make a tight. The problem with that is it's not the safest thing to do. And that opens up a whole lot of risks women doing laser juvenile tion or vaginal, scraping, etc. Put themselves at risk for infection bleeding burning and scarring. You know when you have a scar. You could get a little rogue nerve in there. You know, you don't want chaos happening to something that is very meticulously designed even if ages causing things to say and wrinkle now, I believe a year ago, the FDA had warned against vaginal rejuvenation saying that it's not anything that they would really want people to sign up for a Christmas gift that wasn't their exact words. So the reason why I opened with competition. This fears is older men have asked me about going back out there after they've been divorced. Her husband of twenty some years, and what are the expectations? Well, that's speculations dating and things like that out. There is one is this idea of let's wait until we're married that no longer exists. So if you're out there dating unless you find somebody of the same religious values, you it's going to be very very hard hope that sex gets put off until you're married. The other thing I'm hearing is there's a lot of new moves. Moves lights are actually on in the bedroom. Not off I was also hit the lights off. So nobody could see or whatever. And does it really matter? What it looks like or? Elasticity. Well, yes, I guess lights are on above the cover sex is apparently a big deal these days. I don't understand that. I personally think you should be under your seats and blankets and all that in case the kids walk in. Okay. So there's a lot different. I s. Rituals that seats have now that I've just a little too old for that. I cannot conduct copper yet. However when it comes to the way certain body parts of luck. There is a huge trend and plastic surgeons are getting very very busy. Being able to recreate a younger looking female sex organ. I believe then also have certain options that they could do to make their. Sex organs as well more youthful looking, and I just, you know, if you go back to caveman days, the Lookie wasn't really that much of a stimulus. It was just doing, but I.

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