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That's the other thing that the littlest areas the Congressional Budget Office. The We're currently down Revenues 1% spending 46%, but we don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. And a project that the dead 100% annual GDP by next year and the first time that's happened since World War two. So we've got, um we've got some serious issues that need to be nobody's arguing that that we're addressing him in a wholesale manner that is exceedingly detrimental Long term. The American taxpayers. Well, you know, Dan, there's an old saying You don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. We're here if they wipe out the income producing part of the real estate world. And it it is one of the just Producers off GDP. Right. It's some massive percentage of GDP and if you wipe it out Destroy the base value of all those assets destroy the base back of all the retirement assets tied up in real estate. All the businesses, assets tied up in real estate. You know you You couldn't take the country down faster than to take down real estate, as noted in 2008 Remember that When was that goes down? The whole country goes down, goes down with it. We take a short break would write back to finish up, Dammit, Kate and the Del wildly Ready Show Hi. I'm Dan Pila. I started fighting the IRS over 40 years ago when they tried to seize my mother's house. I sued the IRS. And once I beat the IRS then and I've been beating them ever since I wrote the.

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