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At, like the confetti falling on people, and it was one of the one of the goals that I had it was like those were my idols, and it's incredible to see that I was lucky enough to get that hovered unity. When I talked to young people, Molyneux's people your age. They're fearful about their future. They're fearful about the future of their planet from what they see going on. Do you share that concern? L the share that concern critic. Nella. Yeah. Definitely I think that for me personally concerns about global warming, and environmental degradation are becoming more and more important. And it's even like infiltrating other aspects of the world like politics, and even though were feel fearful of it. I think it's more important to stay optimistic that the younger generation has the ability in has the power to innovate and we can overcome those issues, you feel the same way. Are you a little more pessimistic, so no, I definitely agree. I think that having us in level of concern was good for us because it, it served almost as a catalyst for all the innovation that we see at these fairs all of these students here trying to solve one of the most intractable problems that the world faces and without this level of concern and initiative. We won't be able to solve them in the future. And it's good to see that. I'm believer. The more I listen to young people at the young people are going to save us. And, you know, you have you have a great burden on your shoulders. It's your world. I you know, I've lived at a ready. Do you feel that burden? Door. You just filled an opportunity here. That's what I hear you saying, I, I feel like for me science was always something where I could explore my passions and whence you when you start to do that the repr- the, the impacts come later, and as I started to learn you realize how the research that you do helps the world and it doesn't feel like a burden more. So as like. Like almost like if you think of it more like a sword. And it's like something that empowers you to do things more so than something that's weighing you down. Okay. That's very helpful way to end our conversation. Congratulations critic. Thank you critic Romania junior cherry creek, high school in.

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