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It's over tomorrow. You're done it. You can continue to post southeast Selby's AH when New Year's aid godown Matteo right now at Crazy Eddie prices on insane anybody winning high anything that out because I the way I I said I wanted to. Actually I said I wanted you to call in so you can tell us about your first day at work. Yesterday I really wasn't yesterday leading day. My Gosh. How tight really on now here earlier early like dumb fairly and that works for nine needs because I want to hear you guys to listen to mine? Oh Oh yea that's what I'm talking about the dedication you have you. Have you have on that tight black skirt on the comedy show now. Aw I looked like a key because I don't want my Co workers should be mad at the. We'll take put it in part. I should've asked this man on the street. The table Jimmy. I'm glad myself anyway. Yeah to enlist of long. That's one survivor starbucks. Could you just say one more time. The Good Morning Morning Mr Robinson police getting more arrived in Sydney rating to you. Don't don't work. I.

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