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This is NPR news and this is WNYC in New York good morning I'm Richard Hake it's. Eight eighteen seventy seven degrees and people are tweeting me because they like my description of today's weather as soupy thirty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms today, very hot and humid highs near eighty seven degrees forty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms later tonight once again seventy seven degrees a few. Clouds right now in New York WNYC is supported by Lincoln center's mostly Mozart festival presenting in the name of the earth John Luther Adams world premiere choral work about the natural beauty of North America Saturday August eleventh in central park, mostly Mozart festival dot org Jerome l. Greene foundation committed to New York City's cutting edge performing digital and visual arts communities From NPR, news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly President Trump. Is considering larger tariffs than I proposed on US imports of billions of dollars worth of Chinese. Products NPR's Jim zarroli reports senior. Officials of the Trump administration say they've they've tried to persuade China to. Address what they say are unfair trade practices this hasn't happened and in fact China has retaliated with tariffs of its own so President Trump. Wants his administration to consider, raising proposed, tariffs from ten to twenty five percent now this isn't a done deal there has to be an approval process with an opportunity for public comment the. Board of directors at CBS says to law firms will be investigating allegations of, sexual, misconduct made. Against the company's, chairman and CEO NPR's James. Dubec reports former prosecutor Nancy Kassebaum and former securities and Exchange, Commission share Mary Jo White are Leading, the investigation into sexual assault and harassment claims made by six women against CBS had less moon vez moonville will remain at the helm of CBS during the investigation. But the board. Says he quote will have no role in it protesters in Chicago are planning to March through city streets during. This, afternoon's rush hour calling for the resignation of the city's mayor, and police superintendent they say they failed to reduce gun violence I'm Dave Mattingly. NPR news in. Washington and I'm, Richard Hake on WNYC in New York a. New study finds that a Medicare for all program being floated in the New York legislature is. Feasible for the state but it's. Going to cost New Yorkers WNYC's Zoe Ouseley explains at build out implement. Government health plan that would cover all New Yorkers has been bouncing around the state legislature for decades now one of the country's most influential. Non-partisan think tank says the, New York, health act would save patients and employers money in the long Run but it's going to cost more in taxes a lot more the RAND Corporation report says New York's annual tax revenue would have to increase by one hundred and fifty six percent in. Order to make the system viable and even if lawmakers approve a. Single payer plan the federal government will still need to. Grant a waiver in order for the system to be implemented New Jersey's launching six lawsuits. Against polluters asking for damages over contaminated sites. Across the state attorney general Gooby are, gray wall announced the suits yesterday and Newark's ironbound. District near the site of a former lighting factory that seeped harmful vapors into homes for nearly four decades gray wall says, he doesn't have an estimate for what the state might recover financially and warned the cases could take longtime prosecute polluters include two sites in Newark two in Woodbridge Middlesex County and one. Each, in Atlantic City and Warren county thirty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms today mainly later on this afternoon otherwise partly sunny hot and.

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