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Now up to twenty one thousand dollars april brown founded the whisky city shelter where the cow was stolen before was killed and so the humane society prep five thousand dollar reward we have a private individual that put up a ten thousand dollars or we had two one thousand dollar reward and another five thousand dollar resort semsar she says there's is still a very active police investigation into the killing but she's helping there's some one out there who knows something that will help identify the disturbed individual behind the deadly attack and there's also a community meeting planned sunday that's why o'clock it whiskers city to discuss the abuse they've raised more than thirteen thousand dollars on a gulf unmanned counter an outrageous crime it's 340 here's tom at the elliot they out of broker sportsdesk all right we gotta you'd have football coming your way tomorrow evening they are gonna be fired up in boulder they want revenge against the huskies their club's unbeaten sewer the dogs rated seventh in the country other than that it's just another college football game right this is going to be a ton of fun tomorrow somebody will go to foreign o in the conference opening game between the huskies and the buffalos our coverage getting underway tomorrow to o'clock guard swanson with a komando kicked off in in game time set for seven o'clock over in palm and it's back to nonconference play for the beat cougars they're a good strong bet to go to four and other taking on in nevada team that is winless on the seasonal get things going on the pollution three o'clock there is a pac 12 game ten night number 23 utah on the road to face arizona seven thirty start time see oxyde tennessee on sunday 105 start time for us as the tides present a good challenge for the sea hawks team that as you know struggling on offense they'd had a very difficult time among other things get jimmy grand involve the chanting tied in he by the way had a full practice today looks like he'll be able to play been dealing with an ankle issue mp carols got a guy at the.

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