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R. does scream and sound twelve hundred thousand miles long it is about strongest American signal you could hear and so believes her well the only thing people shoot out is beer cans and people call talk shows listening to Sony walkmans laying in a hammock hard to take care from motel eight there are it since the Philippines is still controlled by the government people are still afraid to say anything bad about it you know I know that it is true and I probably shouldn't press that man I'm married to a Filipino also but she was born and raised in the Philippines how to work hard pass the citizenship test I think all people to graduate from high school in college and have to pass the same kind of test in order to get their diploma even now that she is a citizen of the US obey she'll say nothing bad about the Philippine government because of her fear of harm coming to family members still in the Philippines and that goes from Honolulu Paul in Honolulu thanks Paul I'm sure that's absolutely true and I was sort of pushing him a little bit to get an attitude on the about the base closures there and so I'm not surprised that he didn't want to that he didn't want to comment not surprised at all at any rate we do have the international line open and wherever it is that you are in this wide world throughout South America Asia Europe whatever all right there is a way to reach us now toll free it will not cost you anything from your hammock her wherever you simply get the AT&T USA direct access number for your country for the operator one of the two and to get the A. the A. T. and T. operator and I have heard dial eight hundred eight nine three zero nine zero three that's eight hundred eight nine three zero nine zero three and you know that's worth a little bit of thought that we contend with so much here so much violence so much dissension and yet you hear from a little country like believes where the only thing shot is an occasional beer can what do you think that would be what do you think that Americans and America civilized industrial with technology that Oakley is ahead of just about all of the rest of the world and we have so much violence I'm sure the unibomber would have something to say about that west of the Rockies you're on the air high I just wonder okay I'm in a band and I want to do thank you I've been wanting to write a song about you because we have your book all of the artifacts yes I'm sorry I'm really nervous but and also I wanted to what else they can tell you what concerning a right whatever phone you want it whatever if you wanted in blues jazz if you wanted in calving ease if you listen to country western rock and roll in the current well is it going to be instrumental will be vocal both it could be either either or both or neither vote well let me give it some thought okay all right how how can a house is call you back well let me well yeah you can call me back and just give me a little time to think about it okay all right I thank you thank you and your band but a song about the the name Bella to lend itself to all kinds of poetic license if you're with lyrics but then again you see I don't play a lot of songs some songs with lyrics occasionally if I'm really stuck on it but usually it's instrumentals first time caller line you're on the air hello yes part yes that's me let me turn my radio off actually all the way off yes all right if the twelve point two Mohammed K. F. B. B. yes Sir and I wanted to talk a little bit of a something I read in that details magazine I don't know if you're aware of that magazine or not details yeah it's a men's magazine it was a quote that I found kind of shocking and it has to do with race relations it was from John pike who's the head of CBS late night programming yes and he was referring to a group called the speed dial if you've heard of them but their they do sketches like Saturday Night Live and they were offered to do promo for CBS in the back of a certain rating then they would go full network I see and it's an all white group and they he recommended to them apparently innocent and article about the the group in details in in in the article you recommended in that they get a black member for ratings and they asked him why and he said well it's important to late night demographic because there's three reasons why why are black people it is importantly make demographic the first would be that black people have nowhere to go in the in the morning so they can stay up late watching something like this the second would be that the that does CBS is the it's free why why is why is that is true of white people yeah I mean I was trying to figure out where where they got to go to three in the morning I mean why restrict such a statement to black people and brown people or white people were all saying late at night now that's what I have done but what do you think talk radio does so well they're all out there bored to death and I was pretty shocked by that but yeah well there is a big thank you there's a big controversy going on now in Hollywood about why there are not what more Academy Awards given to black actors and actresses producers and Jesse Jackson you recall conducted a protest he really he kind of picked the wrong at the wrong time obviously was so many blacks involved in this last presentation if not getting the award certainly involved didn't come off too well kind of fizzled like the freemen rally where hundreds.

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